Kamryn’s new heart is in and beating!

Kamryn on her way into surgery yesterday.

 From Kamryn’s aunt: “She is out of surgery and in her room. The surgeon said he could not have asked for a better outcome. Even the surgical team was awed by the experience because they don’t do this very often at all. There is much joy and gratitude amongst the staff just as there here in the waiting room. The piles of wadded tissues and empty Starbucks cups tell only a part of the story of this day. Thank you for standing with us all. Those are small words for enormous gratitude. We are so aware this gift came at great cost, and that Sovereignty covered every minute.”

A part of the story that I didn’t add before, but I think needs to be said- in the midst of finding out that they were unexpectedly pregnant with their fifth child, both Mike and Kelli were laid off from their jobs. They worked for the same agency that was downsized because of budget cutbacks. I don’t have any idea what it’s costing them to do all of this. They have insurance, but as anyone knows, this only covers some of the expense. Their attitude from the beginning is not unlike any of ours, that it doesnt’ matter what it costs to save their child. Then you add to it the cost of living away from home at the hospital Kamryn was transferred to. They have had eat most meals at the hospital or at restaurants around the hospital, they’ve been staying in the Ronald McDonald House (which is a FANTASTIC organization, it means they only have to spend $25 a night instead of what it would cost to stay in a hotel, but still, $25 a night over the space of almost two months...),  along with the cost for Mike and the kids to get to and from the hospital either by ferry or driving- gas is expensive! It costs a lot. Fortunately, Mike was able to find a job at the beginning of this year. Obviously, Kelli cannot work with everything going on. 

They need our help. They deserve our help. So, once again, blog friends, I’m asking you to donate. To share. To help.  If you go to there blog a link has been set up to collect donations for the Aubrey family. Anything helps.  I’d like to do a giveaway on their blog as well. So if you can’t donate cold hard cash, but do a craft or work for a company that would like to donate to a giveaway, it would be GREATLY appreciated. Contact me by email (mostlytruestuff@gmail.com).  

Again, head over to www.prayingforkamryn.blogspot.com to donate. Thanks a bunch. 

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