the greatest and best {caffeinated} drink in the world.

I’m not joking. You must try it. Ask Erin. I made her one and then she drank like seventeen more. That day. And then we had to stop to find bathrooms everywhere we went. I love her. I can’t believe I have yet to post about her coming out here. It was the best.

I digress.

Get a cup like this:

It’s called the Eco First Sierra Tumbler. It’s the BEST. It’s got a super sweet stirry thing on the bottom.

1 can Diet Sprite (or Diet Sierra Mist, as shown. I only used that because my husband bought 3 cases of that instead of Diet Sprite. Diet Sprite is superior.)
1 packet Crystal Light Wild Strawberry ENERGY (get these at Target or Walmart- much cheaper than at your grocery store)
1 Tablespoon (ish) of the juice from maraschino cherries. And a couple of cherries.
1/4 lime (if you like. It makes it look fancy. Get your limes in bulk from Costco or Sam’s, WAY cheaper)
1/4 Cup(ish) Limeade.

Fill your cup with ice. Add can of diet whatever. Squeeze out the lime on top, chuck it in. Add packet of Crystal Lite. Add cherry juice and cherries. Fill the rest of the way up with limeade.

Seriously, the BEST. And because it has limeade in it, it counts as a breakfast drink.

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