My boys.

I wanted to get ONE picture on Christmas day of my boys. One. They looked nice. I also wanted to get one with the house we’re living in as well. It was for this post I’ve been working on in my head for MONTHS. About how freaking cool it is to be the mother of boys. I love my boys. Love them. That post is coming (after I stop freaking out at photoshop. I’m trying to learn it and I hate it and I hate you and I hate everyone). I took five hundred pictures. This one is my favorite. It really speaks to the kind of life we live.

(check out the vinyl bats left out from Halloween. The boys called them “Christmas Bats” so I left them. That’s a lie. I’m just SUPREMELY lazy.)

4 thoughts on “My boys.

  1. Love the pic…really seems to capture each of their personalities! 🙂 Even if you hate photoshop, you seem to be producing great photos! Keep it up! 🙂

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