It’s sad that I’m asking.

Let’s get this out of the way. She IS, in fact, the cutest thing ever. Right? Right. Now back to me.

Could you freaking imagine how cute this picture would be if my camera didn’t SUCK? Yeah. I’m forty something followers from meeting my goal and getting my camera. If you aren’t following yet, I figure it’s just because you DON’T want me to get a camera because you’re crazy scared that once I post better pictures of my children, there will be no more need for you to post pictures of your own kids because mine are so beautiful. That, or you’re really scared to see what I look like in high definition. I’m with you on that. It’s not good. It’s really not good.

Or maybe you’re just afraid that I’ll stop drawing pictures to express myself. I haven’t drawn a picture for you in a long time, and I can see how that absence would make further absences something to be afraid of indeed.

I could probably just go buy one. With the money that I will have saved us in the last couple of months doing all of this medical care crap for Abby I can more than justify it. But I spent it on cinnamon hearts and orphans (I didn’t buy an orphan. I thought about it. But it’s against the law).

I don’t even know why followers even matter to me. Maybe it’s because I see you more like minions and I’ve got some BIG PLANS for us in store. And every minion puts me one step closer to doing something awesome.

And to be perfectly honest, the more followers I get, the more it pisses someone off. Someone I LOVE pissing off. For no other reason, please. Be a horrible person with me. If you’re worried that the person I’m being stupid amounts of passive aggressive to is you, you shouldn’t be. It’s not you. I promise. I love you. You’re my favorite. It’s that other dude that is killing me. SO SLOWLY. And it’s not really even someone I associate with. Ugh. I’d just tell you, but I really dig playing on your insecurities. And your narcissism. You’re so vain. You probably think this post is about you, don’t you? F. I’m going to have that stuck in my head all night.

It’s sad that I’m asking. My content should be enough for you to stop being so damn lazy and clicking that “follow” button. But it’s seriously lacking. I get that. I’d change it to be more appealing to the masses, but I’m not THAT dead inside…yet.

26 thoughts on “It’s sad that I’m asking.

  1. o I wish I could follow you again to help, but at last, I am already a follower. Good luck! I know that the happiness you get from things is always short lived, but as a new owner of a SLR, I am still waiting for that high to wear off. You will LOVE your new camera, so fingers crossed its soon!

  2. Do I get special points in heaven for becoming a follower *before* you asked? Does that get me into any inner circles up there? If so, I'm set and it will offset the bank robbery I'm planning for next week. Sweet. I got my Nikon dSLR 3 years ago and it is one of my top 3 favorite possessions (the others being my new Honda Minivan…yes…a minivan, stop laughing…and my Kitchen Aid Mixer). ANYWAY, my husband was going out of town a bunch back then – military stuff. He got a per diem food allowance that was fairly generous, but instead of using it all up on steak dinners, he literally ate soup and anything cheap so he could save up that money to use to get me my special camera. And I've cherished it ever since. The End.

  3. I don't even know what it means to become an official follower because I thought I was one. But I clicked it and not only am I following you but I'm ONLY following you. I really hope you get your camera!

  4. I told my hubby to STOP buying me jewelry for Christmas (that I never wear) and blow the budget on an SLR – he totally surprised me and did it!!! I stay up nights now reading photography tutorials til 2am.

  5. Some facts: #1, I am obsessed with my DSLR. I love it. My husband bought it for me as a "welcome Ellie" gift.#2, If I win the Cannon DSLR from Kelly, you can buy it cheap. (Because I have a camera. I want a new lens. I'd sell it anyway. But I'd sell it to you for less, because you'd use it to take pictures of Abby.)#3, Your picture is amazing.

  6. I now realize following in Google reader is not the same as being a Follower. Fixed. I hope you get your camera and I'll try not to hate you when you get it. I want one!

  7. Well I needed a good laugh, thank you! Love your drawing, it's really…neat;) And Abby is extremely cute! Hope you get your camera soon, I couldn't live without mine 🙂

  8. I so know the value of a good camera and I want to help you get one. I don't know why I haven't become a follower sooner. Sorry. And thanks for being a follower of mine. I now have 11.Yeah!! I am so excited.

  9. I almost told you I was going to quit being a follower unless I saw my blog on your sidebar…you are, after all just a few followers short of going viral and being right up there with ND. I mean…what else is there to live for after that??? but then I scrolled down and saw Miss Lily's button~ good thing for you; I would have hated to stop your rise to fame. Now if your next post included that lovely stick lady in the bathtub…you could really seal the deal.

  10. Patti, I could kill you for comparing me to ND. Kill you. AND- I ADORE your blog. Lily was one of the first babies I saw with Down syndrome (her and Rozie) after Abby was born. Your pictures of her made me SO excited to for Abby. The rest of you, I love you the most. I really do.

  11. I've never "followed" anyone before … mainly becuase I don't know how (how sad is THAT?) But I'm pretty sure I'm following you now, I hope I am anyway … I SO WANT YOU TO GET A NEW CAMERA!!!

  12. It's not even him I want to piss off. I'm not cool enough to be on his radar. Thank heavens for that. Also, we've been over it. My boobs are saggier

  13. So, the burning, raging jealousy inside my soul blinded me to most of this post. All I saw was, "My new best friend Bethany, who now occupies all my thoughts so there's no more room for Melissa. Or even Lance. Her awesomeness is unparalleled," (burn, burn, burn, burn, burn), "followers," (burn, shudder, burn), "camera," (burn, aneurysm, burn). I've never been conscious of a stick figure, incorrectly drawn, possibly turning out with a penis. I'll be so much more careful now.Looks like you're at 220. Con-effing-gratu-dammit-lations.

  14. Ooh–also…. I have become so comfortable in my swearing lately that when I smacked my head into the rearview mirror of a big effing pick-up in the church parking lot on Sunday (it left a bruise and small cut. My grace and coordination are the stuff of legend), I hollered, "DAMMIT!" and immediately had to look around for impressionable young witnesses and/or horrified parents. Fortunately, another flaw I have is tardiness, so there was no one left to offend out there.My point is, thank you.

  15. AND, I need to clarify that I'm ONLY jealous of your new romance, not so much the followers or the camera. But the romantic jealousy taints everything else.

  16. It's true. You DO have nice ankles. I kinda covet them. It's a strange facination, I know. BROTHER!!! BUY HER A CAMERA ALREADY!!! (and then kindly tell your little brother to buy me one, too. Thank you in advance.)

  17. My four year old, who has crazy white dreadlocked hair, looked at your drawn picture and said, "Oh, that's a nice woodpecker right there! She did a good job drawing that."She meant the red arrow.So, there's that praise to distract you from your lack of awesome camera currently, and I'll obediently and cheerfully follow your blog now.

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