You can be a part of something amazing.

In my brain I’m working on a post that’s fancy. That I will put a lot of time into. But right now, I’m short on time. Just as this family is. They leave in ten days for another trip to the other side of the world to meet with a judge about bringing home their daughter. It’s their second of three trips. Each trip costs roughly $10,000!!!

Here’s their blog. Read. Follow. Become a part of something amazing.

They need help NOW. They are saving a life. If you have anything extra to give, please do on the link to the right. If you have something that you would like to donate for an upcoming HUGE giveaway, please email me.

A better post about this family than the one I’m trying to write right now can be found here (along with awesome pictures that I’ll post on here just as soon as I get them)

 (Follow her blog as well. Her little girl, just a couple months younger than Abby is a DOLL and Megan is fantastic and good looking)

I’ll be taking my etsy store off vacation in the next couple of days, too. ALL proceeds will go to bring home Charlotte.

You can be a part of something big. A part of saving a life. Will you? Can you go without eating out one night and donate the money to this fantastic family? Can I make you a necklace for the same price you’d pay at the store?  Please, please help. Every little thing gets them one step closer to bringing home this perfect child.

If you can’t donate, you can still help. You can pray. You can post. You can grab the donate box up on the right hand corner and put it on your blog. You can share their blog on your facebook page. You CAN do something. And I hope you do. 

Nothing but love,


6 thoughts on “You can be a part of something amazing.

  1. Lexi, I think you are amazing. You will deny that, but it's true. I can't remember how I found your blog, but it has made me look at a lot of things differently and I'm grateful for that! I will check out the link and do what I can.

  2. This family's story touched me in a way I can't describe. They don't even have a kid w/ DS yet, & still they see the incredible value in little Charlotte's life…. I love it, and I love your ideas for helping them!

  3. Lexi, thank you for leading me to Charlotte's family's blog. I've donated toward their cause and I hope it makes a difference. And really, thank you for everything you've done to increase my awareness of children with Down syndrome.

  4. Thank you thank you! Everything helps! Gail, I know when you have prayed for me, I could feel that, so you saying that carries a lot of weight.

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