Not anti rich. Anti stupid.

I think my last post would lead some to believe that I am anti-rich people. That couldn’t be further from the truth. I love the rich. I want to be one of them one day. What it comes down to is that I’m anti-stupidity. And that’s not to say that I don’t do dumb things. And if I had a lot of money, I’d throw it at a LOT of stupid things. Like pranks. But not stupid amounts of money on stupid things. Just some money on stupid things.

There seems to be an anti-wealth or anti-rich sentiment going around that I wholeheartedly disagree with. Like this occupy Wall Street movement. I get being mad at the crooks that knowingly stole money and screwed people out of their savings. I get that. I get being mad at people who don’t give a damn about what goes on in their companies and ride their golden parachute as their companies implode. That’s wrong. A lot of what some of the banks did (and are doing) is wrong. They did a lot of dumb things. We probably shouldn’t have bailed them out. I think if you suck and fail you SHOULD fail.

But what I’m against is people saying that rich people shouldn’t be rich. That heads of big companies that do well shouldn’t make stupid amounts of money. Or even entertainers who have made it big based on their talents or so-called talents. If you are worth the money, if you are keeping others employed, if people will pay to see you do what you do, then why the heck not? What’s wrong with having a skill or a face that makes a lot of money? And what’s wrong with working like CRAZY to get there?

So going back to my previous post. I’m not anti-rich or anti celebrity. Beyonce and Jay Z make a lot of money because people like their music and pay to see them perform. That’s AWESOME for them. I never said they don’t deserve their money.  I was just comparing what they spent on something I think is stupid to what the money could have been spent on that I think is more worthwhile. Comparing the monetary figures. I’m not saying that every celebrity needs to go out and give all of their money away. They’re just SO out of touch. If they still understood how much money that is, I think it would have been different.

I just think that maybe they could have spent ONLY a MILLION dollars on their three day hospital stay and maybe used the rest for something worthwhile? Maybe just bought a $100,000 van that they won’t use?

I don’t know. Maybe when I’m filthy rich from doing something I’ll understand where they are coming from.

But I’d rather not be rich if that were the case.

3 thoughts on “Not anti rich. Anti stupid.

  1. IDK. I guess I don't know what it is like to be stupid rich….I don't think I could be. I would feel guilty that people, especially children, were dying and starving to death while I had a billion dollar collection of hats or some dumb shit. Ya know? I could live comfortable, yes. No problem.

  2. Totally get what you are saying. I have this conversation with Landon all the time. I'm not anti-people having-money: money is great. And yes, celebraties are completely out of touch with the real world and how most of us live (must less people around the world that *really* suffer). It cracks me up when I see celebs show up to support the Wall Street movement…uh, yeah, you made 6 million dollars last year pretending to be someone else for our entertainment. You aren't "the 99%" either. But the more I learn about the world and the people that could be helped if we all just pitched in a bit (not every penny, but more!). I'm not for government-forced "sharing" but would rather people realize that a $500,000 shoe collection is so extremely wasteful when people starve in other countries (and children with special needs wait for families in other countries:) I enjoy splurges, I live a good life and can't act like we live on bread & milk alone, but I'd like to think that even if we were super wealthy, we wouldn't live in so excessively and be so *lavish*. Ever since working with Reece's Rainbow, I've changed the way I look at money. Everytime I hear someone spending $30,000 on something riduculous (like a private jet ride from CA to…Chicago or something, or an amazing piece of jewelry) I think "Yeah, that could have paid for a special needs orphan to come home to a family they've always desired – you know, *changed their life*. Ah, as you can see, this is a hot topic for me (yikes!). Someday we'll all wake up, see the real need around us, and realize how silly we are for spending up the wahzoo on those unjustifiable indulgences that we love to justify.

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