Congrats Beyonce and Jay-Z on your stupid baby!

(this post is crazy amounts of judgmental. I suck. I’m sorry)
I guess if you have a made-up name yourself, it’s okay to give your baby something super wacky, too. Along those lines, Mostly True Stuff is pleased to announce the arrival of

That’s right. They named their baby Blue Ivy. Ivy is usually purple, but whatever. They’re celebrities, they can do whatever the hell they want, right?

Like drop close to TWO MILLION dollars on the arrival of their stupid baby. Yes. Two million. Sure, you say, with money like theirs, that’s chump change. It probably is. But I’d like to break that down in real terms. They spent 1.3 million dollars renovating a wing of the hospital they had her at. They were there for a couple of days. 1.3 million just for the stupid birth (not to mention ALL of the crap they put the other parents who were there through because they think they’re royalty. Google that side of the story. It pisses me off as well. I’ve had two kids spend time in the NICU and it’s hard enough by itself. It makes me hate.)

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Then they went ahead and spent $500,000 on a tricked out MINIVAN. No joke, here’s a picture of it:

A half a million dollar VAN! For one kid. Still doesn’t make driving a minivan cool, by the way.

I can’t even begin to imagine what her nusery is like.

I don’t usually bag on celebrities, mostly because I don’t care enough about them to do so, but this one got me. 2 million on the birth of one baby. Those people are so out of touch it’s unbelievable.

Last year, through the countless hours of hundreds upon hundreds of fundraisers and friends, Reece’s Rainbow received 1.7 million dollars in funding, helping to bring home 196 orphans.  That isn’t an ONLY 1.7 million. That’s A LOT of money. I know a lot of the people who worked SO hard to get those donations. I know some people who were able to use those donations to bring home new members of their families. Most of these children have Down syndrome or other developmental disabilities. Some are HIV positive. These children weren’t just adopted, they were rescued. Had they not been adopted, they would have been sent to adult mental institutions. Most children with Down syndrome who are sent to these institutions die in the first year.

Have I wrecked your day? Has this turned into a Sarah McLaughlin animal ad? (I swear when I turn those on my day is ruined. Sad dogs.) Sorry suckers. It’s the truth.

So with the money that they spent on their stupid baby (their baby isn’t stupid and I really don’t like the use of that word, but I needed to get your attention) they could have helped save the lives of hundreds of children just like Abby. They could have financed all of those families, like us, who would love to adopt one of these perfect children, but who just don’t have the money to do it.

They could have done something really good. Instead, they have a wing in a hospital that they won’t ever use again (who needs a BULLET PROOF DOOR on a delivery room? Do they moonlight as Russian spies?!) , a minivan they’ll never be caught driving, and brought home the same kind of baby that you and I did for the cost of our insurance co-payment.The baby doesn’t know the difference. It doesn’t make bringing life into the world any more grand than it was for anyone who didn’t have armed guards.

I hear Beyonce talk about her faith in Christ all of the time. Maybe she should have taken a cue from His birth. It was the most spectacular of them all, right? Maybe it’s the hypocrisy that gets me.  They talk about how God has given them all of these blessings but totally MISS what He asks of us.

 I wonder if they’ve figured a way to get a camel through an eye of a needle?

Did you see this on ABC? This is what I’m talking about.

15 thoughts on “Congrats Beyonce and Jay-Z on your stupid baby!

  1. I'm crying my eyes out. We had a finnish document about these places in easten europe. And I could not watch it. This system over there (and in many other places just as those…) trashes my heart into millions of pieces. Huggin my little "extraspecial" a bit harder tonight. Thank god that he was born here with us, to us…

  2. At least Brad and Angeline donated the $2 million People magazine paid them for photos of their first chid together to help HIV/AIDS in Africa. Wonder what the Knowles-Carters will do with their $$$!

  3. Oh I just heard about the NICU thing. I freaked out when I couldn't see Ellie for a bit after heart surgery because one of her little roommates had a team of doctors busy saving his life. I can't imagine if I couldn't have seen her because a celebrity was busy having a baby.

  4. First, I was like, why is she being so mean…. Calling that baby stupid…??? Lol… ! So true and soooo sad. at the same time we don’t know what charities they might be involved with and if they do give back, I live in Houston, and I know there is Knowles-Rowland Center for Youth that she helped build with her donations… I also believe they live in another world.

  5. AMEN TO THAT SISTA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I could never be rich. I would feel the need to save everyone. My money would be gone in a day.

  6. Posting anonymous so I can play devils advocate. Although I have the same sentiments that you have (minus harping on the kids name, because I have a great friend whose first name is Blue and I love her to pieces and Beyonce isn't a made up name, it's a maternal family surname. I assume you were talking about her husbands moniker with that statement) Anyhow, although reading what was done to welcome their daughter was, to us outrageous, we also don't know what it's like to live in a world where you have no anonymity because of your chosen profession. Therefore we don't realize how often they recieve REAL death threats, have crazed fans who stalk, and have people who also HATE them for existing. I think a lot of what wealthy people and celebrities do is disgusting and outrageous, when it comes to money. I do. I totally feel you. I always daydream about winning the lottery and how I would take EVERY waiting child on RR and fill their accounts so the only barrier would be paperwork and a family. TRUST ME. I get it. But some of the precautionary measures they took, they really did have to take. Not to mention the amount of money was a drop in the bucket to them. Also, both of them certainly spend some of their money for good as well. They CAN afford to spend a cool million on the birth of their kid, as well as they CAN afford to also spend a cool million on various charitable acts. So it's not like they dont have more than enough to go around.Could they have chosen a different method in which to birth her? Maybe a private home with a private midwife? certainly but I bet theyd have still paid the same. Unfortunately we live in a society that IDOLIZES fame and celebrity to the point where people LIVE their lives to follow celebs, learn their every minute detail and worship them. So you do have to worry about things like stalkers and death threats and scary psycho people possibly shooting your infant after it's hours old. Certain celebs are glorified SO much by the media that it perpetuates the odd idolatry. If I had the money YES my first priority would be care for my loved ones and for those that have less. I couldn't imagine wasting my money when there are starving children. But I'd also pray that if I ever were blessed with that much money, that i would NOT be given the burden of celebrity and fame along with it. Therefore, I could do good without worrying about some crazed lunatic fan trying to off me for existing.

  7. Hey, anon, AWESOME! I love when ANYONE will play the devil's advocate. Heck, I love it when people disagree. Because it means you're paying attention. Thank you for your post! I really do appreciate the other side of the coin. You're right. They do have a ton of security issues that I didn't at all even think about. I loved this, "ad the money YES my first priority would be care for my loved ones and for those that have less. I couldn't imagine wasting my money when there are starving children. But I'd also pray that if I ever were blessed with that much money, that i would NOT be given the burden of celebrity and fame along with it. Therefore, I could do good without worrying about some crazed lunatic fan trying to off me for existing. " How true it is! I'd love to have money but NOT the fame. We don't get what THEY go through.Thank you for bringing that up. Really truly!

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