Christmas on the National Mall.

On Monday we took an impromptu trip to the National Mall. We were on the way to the local library when Lance called and said he was on his way home. Seeing my opportunity to spend less time alone with my kids, and because they already had shoes on and were in our filthpit of a car, we went to pick him up from work.

We got to DC, got some greasy gross food from a very friendly vendor, a Pepsi for Peyton and Casey because we’re masochistic, and were on our way to see the huge disappointment that is our National Tree.  I’m not kidding. Have you seen it? I don’t get why they have to make it so ugly. It was this ugly five years ago when we came before? Far be it from me to mess with National Tradition, but really? The rest of the Mall is beautiful though. The White House looks pretty. Instead of an angel on the roof, they have sharpshooters.
While we were walking around on the mall I said, “That’s why it’s cool to live here. We get to do cool crap like this, ” and from way behind us I hear Casey say, “yeah, crap.” 
Peyton was super mad we didn’t come just one day later for the lighting of the gigantic Menorah.The Atheists were super mad that someone took down their spaghetti monster nativity. All of this is true.

They had a cute little Santa’s workshop with the REAL Santa in there. I’m serious. That’s why I wasn’t furious with him when he told Peyton that’s he’s getting a Nintendo DS (which, by the way, was a completely NEW item added to his way too long list of crap that kid isn’t getting because he was naughty).  Santa was super cute with the kids.

AND check it out- she didn’t scream at the bearded man! Take that, Uncle Jamey.

I’m pretty sure she asked for a pony. Surprise! She’s getting developmental toys! Poor kid. 

 Awesome smiles, kids.

We asked Carter to join in the fun, but now that he no longer believes in Santa, jumping up on some old guys lap has lost its appeal.

We did the lap around the White House (this time we didn’t get pulled over by the hot dudes of the Secret Service, which made me sad. Did I tell you about that? So awesome.) and drove home.
It was merry and whatnot. 

5 thoughts on “Christmas on the National Mall.

  1. Full story about the tree is on my blog, but I'll summarize here.The tree is a living Christmas tree. It used to be huge. Then, in February, it fell down. Whoops.Instead of replacing it with a BIG tree, they replaced it with that dinky tree. Me, brilliant one who forgot the tree fell over, took my dad and stepmom to see mini-tree. Oh, and I even posted about the tree's demise on facebook, because my friends go every year. I thought we were really sad, but maybe not, since I forgot all about it.

  2. Hahahaha lol… too funny! I laughed when you said too bad your getting developmental toys! That is totally what I did then realized how lame I was and ran out and bought some "fun" toys too!Love that your boys both have the same smile in the santa photo!

  3. I like this post. I don't know why I found it so humorous, BUT I did. Maybe because Santa told Peyton yes to his Nintendo, Abby asking for a pony and Santa wearing what looks like the North Pole's version of Hawaiian shirt day.

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