I said a few posts ago that I’ve been having a tough time here lately. It’s tough being away from my friends and the support we had in Washington State. So when we found out that Abby was going to need surgery on Wednesday, I was even more sad and scared to be so far away. I felt alone.

I called family and posted the news. That’s when I realized that I have the support of a sports bra that is two sizes too small. So much so that it’s a little overwhelming.

Thank you for your comments, your emails, your calls. Thank you for sharing your experiences with us of your own battles with heart issues. Thank you for your prayers.

It always helps. And this time we recieved another little miracle:

Abby doesn’t need open heart surgery. 

Wooooo! WOOOOOO! The doctors are going to wait until she’s two to do the catheter surgery. They said they could probably do it now, but they don’t think there’s any harm in waiting six months to let it (hopefully) close a little bit more to make the surgery that much easier.  Yay. I can’t tell you the relief I feel right now. It’s still heart surgery, but nothing like before. Nothing.

I have to share another sweet story that makes me wispy (oh crap, I really just used the word “wispy”. But there’s no better way to describe it, I get all choked up and what not and almost cry my own tears). Yesterday on my way to pick up Casey I saw his Special-Ed and Regular-Ed teacher standing together with him with very concerned looks on their faces. I thought, “well, crap, we get this great news (which I had gotten just an hour before) and now back to dealing with something terrible at school”. I walked up and said, “so…how was today?” The Reg-Ed teacher said that the day was just fine. Confused. Then they said that Casey had told them about Abby’s heart. They got on my blog and learned about what was going on. I quickly told them the good news and they were so happy. Then they offered to come to our home to watch the kids so we could get a break. I was floored. I didn’t know what to say. I mumbled something to the effect of, “they would love that” when what I really wanted to do was jump up and hug them both and cry and thank them just for offering. It’s a big deal to me. They are the two people who are doing the most to help Casey right now (besides us,  I guess). They’re working so hard with him and push him even though he can be super tough when he gets frustrated. They are fantastic teachers and wonderful, wonderful people.

I am a blessed girl. When things get this tough, it shows me how really truly blessed I am. Thank you all again.

5 thoughts on “Support.

  1. This post made me happy. Thank you for making my night. I love it when people love my kids as much as I do. There is nothing greater. Prayers are answered.

  2. That is such fantastic news! I will keep praying for her. It is a wonderful feeling to know so many people care and are willing to help. We didn't know how expansive our support system was until Hailey was born and had her open heart surgery. What a great Christmas present you have received!!!!

  3. I missed your last post. Scary shit. My little guy has a pinhole and going to cardiologist next month. I am so glad Abby doesn't have to have open heart surgery. That's terrific news!! Of course we don't want our little ones going through any surgery. I hate having to worry about all the medical issues with our little ones….

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