My family is funnier than me.

Every one of my siblings is funnier than me. Like by a mile. And it doesn’t even make me feel bad. It doesn’t mean that I’m not sort of funny, it just means that they are REALLY funny. Someone once told me that I was the funniest person they knew. It made me all sorts of sad. I’m not even that funny. What kind of life had that person had if I’m the MOST funny person they know?

Then I introduced them to my family, and they took it back ( I think her exact words were, “no,  you’re not even CLOSE to being that funny)

Also, none of them have ever been convicted of murder. Which may or may not change after I post this (this is my oldest sister, Melanie).

4 thoughts on “My family is funnier than me.

  1. I've watched this more than once but less than 30 times … and it's funnier every time. You guys are a bunch of sillies! I love it! Why can't we live closer? Or actually "know" each other, for that matter? 😉 Whatever.

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