new orthotics

Seriously, how cute is Abby? Tell me. I want to hear you say it. “Cuter than any baby that has ever been or will ever be, ever.”  Abby got her cute tiny little orthotics yesterday. They make her even cuter than she was before. Like how a great pair of heels can make a chick look stunning. A tiny pair of orthotics makes Abby the cutest baby ever.

Think about how cute this picture would have been had my camera not sucked. Are you a follower yet? What do I have to do to prove to you that I’m worth it?! Please. My husband needs to know that I can and will prove him wrong any time I put my mind to it.

I can post a picture of the big gaping hole where my tooth used to be. Yeah. I got one taken out yesterday. I had a really old root canal go bad. The root or something had cracked. It had been bugging me for about a month but I was determined to wait until our dental insurance had kicked in. No mas. It hurt too much and was starting to produce a fun little blister that looked like a sea cucumber that would pop every so often inside my mouth.  I ended up seeing a guy in our ward whose wife is my visiting teacher.  He was very nice and gave me all sorts of laughing gas. Too much. I had to have him turn it down. And that’s saying something.  I wasn’t even expecting the laughing gas. Made it kind of a treat. After the procedure was over (and I barely remember it. I only remember thinking, “Do whatever you want, just put my hands on the right direction before you take me off this stuff…” I thought my hands were on upside down) they gave me a bunch of oxygen and some recovery time before I left. I felt funny, but thought I was fine. I drove across the street before I realized it was a bad idea for me to be driving. So I parked in the back of a parking lot at JoAnn’s and wandered around for about a half hour until I got my head back. When I went out to the parking lot my car was parked SIDEWAYS.


Anyways, I’m thinking about doing some sort of giveaway. What do you want?

7 thoughts on “new orthotics

  1. I want Hip Helpers. And maybe liposuction or new boobs.I've driven myself home after laughing gas and not remembered the ride home. It sucks, because in the moment you feel like you can totally handle it. Dentists should tell you you need a designated driver. I wish you'd taken a picture of your sideways car!Your sea cucumber ALMOST turned me off of the cookie I was eating.

  2. I need to remember I want that next time I go to the dentist. My husband can "drive Miss Daisy" as he calls it. (thanks for the reminder about orthotics, Grace had them in Ecuador and when I mentioned it to her Dr she looked at me blankly, I meant to bring it up again once the BIG issues were handled.

  3. You are hilarious. Abby is so adorable. I love her. Some day I hope to meet you both!Ps. My word verification was only one letter off from cankles. Rude.

  4. She IS a cutie pie! LOL on the heels!Glad you parked your car and went shopping. That could have gotten ugly!PS Canon cameras are everywhere for the Black Friday Sales!!!! Maybe Santa will bring you one?

  5. I love that girl! New shoes always make a girl happy. Glad you found JoAnn's before you drove on the off ramp!Giveaway? Hmmmmm…a camera. Sweet talk Canon into giving you one and letting you give one away! That would be sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet.

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