I wrote a poem about Abby. But I’m too afraid to post it because it might be as hideous as the one “I” wrote below (which reminds me, can you send animal parts in the mail?).

Melissa may or may not be an evil genius of epic proportions. Also, it’s SO on.

Moving on. So you see the ads over there? The google one changes based on what I do on the internet. It’s supposedly to help match my ads with the content of this blog. It might also have something to do with the words in the text of my blog as well (llama llama llama llama llama llama).

But for reasons unknown to me, I keep getting an ad that says “DUMP IT… with a quality trailer”. Uhm? What now?

I keep searching for llamas in hopes that it’ll get rid of my trailer ads. But I guess one thing is for certain. You can take the girl out of the trailer…

Anyways, if you’re interested you should click on it. Learn about trailers that dump stuff. Also, because every time you click on my ads, an angel gets his wings.

Can one of you Heber City people contact me? I’m in need of a valley-based minion. Thanks.

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  1. I browse the web with adblockerplus on in my firefox browser, and forgot this. So I was throughly confused when I didn't see any ads, for llamas or dump it trailers… I forget sometimes that my web life consists of virtually no unwanted ads.But then I think of all the angels that may not be getting their wings because of my adless browsing and lack of clicking…oh the tragedy of it all…

  2. The ads on here for me are for disability benefits and employment opportunities.Also–if any one of you Heber people does Lexi's bidding to inflict harm on my property or humiliation on my person, there will be severe consequences. As in, so severe I can't even think of anything horrific enough right now, off the top of my head, but the anger and vengeful feelings will fester till they explode in a torrent of rage. Or something equally frightening.

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