Our Family Creed

Lance and I have spoken a lot about how we want to have a Family Creed to hang in our house. Something that was completely “us”. That summed up all of what our family is about, what we stand for, and what we want to become. I made it the other night.

(Inspiration came from watching “Kid History” on youtube. There’s actually a framed picture of the same kind of thing in the background of their home. I imagine it’s also their family creed.  But if anyone asks you, this was totally my idea)

Are you ready?

Perfection. Sorry the picture sucks. It’s because my camera is THE WORST. I bought a new one last year hoping that mine was broken (it wasn’t). I thought I was taking a step up in the world because it was bigger. It’s just as sucky as the previous one.

SO my husband said that if my blog ever hits 250 followers, he’d let me get one. I’m pretty sure he doesn’t think that will ever happen (or that I’ll get bored before then, he’s probably got me there). Help me to do what keeps every wife awake at night? Help me to prove my husband wrong. If you haven’t yet, click “follow.” This is as shameless as it gets. But I really want a new damn camera. OR if you don’t want to, just buy me a new one. I would very much like a Canon Rebel. Yes, just like E’s. Yes, because I want to be just like her. I’m trying in everrry wayyy.

9 thoughts on “Our Family Creed

  1. You had me at Dude….. AND… I loved the …. "help me do what keeps every wife up at night…prove him wrong" ;). So…you got my "follow" ;)Ps…..your family is beautiful. I look forward to reading more!

  2. My camera IS pretty sweet, but one day, when I learn how to use it, it will be even better. Then you'll have to learn too. To keep up with me and such. Your creed is nice. I like it. And you. And your whole family.

  3. I thought that was the case, Misty, but I'm all about keeping this blog as honest as possible (ahahaha)so I didn't mention it.Plus, I'm trying to keep my love for you hidden. That's why I torture you. We're like kids on a playground.

  4. Sorry I'm already a follower but I will post a blog post and beg all my followers to join in!! I have a Canan Rebel and love it. Secretly I want a Nikon though….hehe.

  5. Hi, I am a new visitor (thanks to being FB friends with Melissa) I am a Ds mommy too and love love love your blog. You are too funny…seriously..I really mean it. I have to prepare myself to read your posts, empty my bladder and such. I would love to follow the blog so you can get a new camera…but everytime I click "follow" it takes me to a weird page. Not sure what I am doing wrong. Do I have to sign in or something? If anyone can help I would love to follow!

  6. Our family creed is the same as yours except instead of saying…..Dude.Dude!Dude?Dude…It says…..Douche.Douche!Douche?Douche…Don't judge hater. I think I will make this Erin's next visiting teaching message. Wait. After my LAST message it might come across as wrong. Must think on this.

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