Casey wants to be the yellow Angry Birds bird for Halloween. I thought it would be super cute to have Abby be one of the green hippo thingees.

I could only imagine Casey putting her on things then knocking her over, while she smiled the entire time and maybe stuck her tongue out.

Maybe it’s not the best idea.

8 thoughts on “Halloween?

  1. your funny. And Abby is adorable, and so are your other three. So I think you have a new follower 🙂 ( not that cute kids are what makes or breaks me reading)

  2. Ha! We're totally angry birds this year! I'm the red bird, my husband is the green pig, Hadley is the red bird, Ryan is the black bomb bird, Morgan is the blue bird, griffin is a bomb, and Mia is the yellow bird( her costume turned out the cutest). Check out the pic on my Facebook.

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