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Thanks for sharing!

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When the blog post below was shared 136 times I about peed my pants (which really isn’t that big of deal due to my unwillingness to do pelvic floor exercises. but still, you get my point). I almost asked Lance to make me a deal that if it got to 1,000 “shares” we could get a new camera that didn’t suck so much. But I didn’t because I didn’t think there was any way it would get to 1,000.
As of two seconds ago, it’s been shared 1,748 times.
Thank you for sharing! Thank you for putting a face on Down syndrome. Whether it’s Abby’s or one of your sweet kids! People need to see their faces! (So much exclaiming!) There was a story on this MaterniT21 test on Word News with Diane Sawyer the other day and it made my stomach lurch. They talked about how wonderful it is that women no longer have to get amnios. They didn’t show one picture of a child with Down syndrome. They didn’t talk to one parent of a child with Down syndrome. They didn’t mention Dr. Skotko’s new research findings about the joy these kids bring. At the very end they simply mentioned that some worry that this will cause more abortions.
Are you kidding me? OF COURSE IT WILL CAUSE MORE PEOPLE TO ABORT BABIES WITH DOWN SYNDROME. This test to me is soooo wrong. Listen, I’m not against finding out early that your child has Down syndrome. In fact, even though I’d never terminate, I have always gotten the triple screen tests just so I could be prepared (except for with Abby-they can’t do the triple screen for twin pregnancies). Testing is good so you can be monitored extra closely. There are some babies with Down syndrome that might not make it to birth because the doctors don’t know that they have Down syndrome, and ‘miss’ some of the possible complications. The placenta, because it’s a product of the baby, also has an extra chromosome in every cell- it ages faster. If doctors don’t catch this it could be catastrophic. It almost was for Abby. Her placenta had completely crumbled. Had she not been delivered then, I’m not sure what would have happened. With possible heart and bowel issues as well, it’s good to have that extra care.
But to me, that’s the only reason for the test. And this test, it doesn’t seem to be for that. It seems to be a test that is done super early so women can terminate super early. They don’t test for any other chromosomal abnormalities. It only tests for Trisomy 21 (the medical name for Down syndrome)- meaning, it only tests to see if there’s an extra chromosome on the 21st set. It does not test the more serious trisomies- those that usually are not compatible with life.
They think they’re going to “cure” Down syndrome through eradication of these unborn babies.  Tell me that this isn’t eugenics. It is. Down syndrome isn’t a disease to be cured. We need research and funding to help with the issues that come along with Down syndrome, but it doesn’t need to be cured. There’s a purpose and a need for these perfect kids. 
I digress. Back to the beginning of this post. Thank you for sharing. Thank you for showing the world (The post has had hundreds of hits from outside of the United States- a bunch from Finland, China, Australia, etc.) that having a baby with Down syndrome is not what people think. Thank you for proudly sharing your children. For not being afraid to tell people that life is better because of Down syndrome.
If we could influence just one person to rethink their decision, it would have been enough.
So, below, will you please post the pictures of your child/sibling/friend with Down Syndrome? You can link to blog posts, but make sure the picture that comes up is one of the person you love with special needs.  Share with each other, share with friends!  (Please do not post a picture of someone you do not have permission for. Also, I strongly suggest that you watermark your pictures, there are terrible people out there who use these pictures for terrible things. If you need some instructions on how to do it, let me know and I’ll post a tutorial)

Thanks again! Abby, Carter, Petyon, Lexi, Lance and Casey

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9 thoughts on “Thanks for sharing!

  1. Such a beautiful family! My granddaughter has autism and I don't know how to watermark! She is the joy of my life. Would I cure her if I could? The only thing I would want to cure would be the anxiety – and maybe the adhd! Whatever, she is perfect to me.

  2. Hi!Greetings from Finland 🙂 I LOVED your "angry awarness post" and shared it! My son's now 2years and 8 months, my SuperChromosomeMan.give a kiss to your little sweetiepie from me ❤

  3. blog hopped on over. Great photos and love your sense of humor!! I wish people left stuff like that dresser on the side of the road around here. Nope. I did BUY a set of chairs – 6 for $50 and have been painting them the past two weeks, weather and my back havent been co-operating.(Ive recently learned how to watermark photos and just put a right click blocker on my blog. Should I do something about the photos the past few years that arent watermarked???)

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