I’ve been nominated!

A big fat freaking thank you to the two of you (I got two nomination emails, maybe it was just one of you who nominated me twice… And if you thought it was my mother, you’re wrong. She doesn’t read my blog) who have nominated my blog. You are my favorites and I’m totally flattered. (And fattered. I got one of those hamburgers from 5 Guys tonight. It was delightful. )

photo stolen from :
So, I don’t know yet if there’s some sort of prize beyond the pride of having won a best of whatever blog, but that’s enough for me to shamelessly ask you to vote for my blog. In all honesty, I’m hoping it’s a leg lamp.

I’ve been nominated in the “Best Special Needs Blog” category. Click on the box below.

or over there——->

It’s a lot to ask because you have to register with the site, but I’d owe you big if you did, and don’t we ALL love having something to hold over someone else’s head? We do. Plus, if I win or heck, even get half as many votes as Kelle Hampton (she’s my arch enemy for no good reason at all. Mostly because she’s prettier, skinnier and takes better pictures. I hate that in a person! But really, her blog is superfantastic…but it also has enough followers. She’s good. Lets talk about me) I’m going to get all sorts of wispy and probably have to fan my face with my hands in an effort to contain the tears. It works, right?

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