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I’ve realized that there are a lot of you on here who don’t know me at all and are MISSING OUT on my facebook status updates. 

Maybe not so much “missing out” on them as much as being spared reading them. Sorry suckers. I thought I’d fill you in on this weeks happenings (mostly because I’m too lazy to write right now…I have this forthcoming post I’ve been working on for weeks (or days) about Down syndrome Awareness Month…and I can’t possibly write something else worthwhile until that’s done, right?). So if we’re already friends on facebook (lets hug and jump next time we see each other) sorry for the repeats. This is for the other four of you who come here. Or four hundred. It’s impossible to say (but there’s a little ticker at the bottom that says how many people come here every day and it’s nowhere near four hundred. why would I say that? Because I have dreams, yo. DREAMS). 

Today (and this is true!):

 So yesterday on NPR’s page they asked people if they had a favorite child. I wrote, “I do not have a favorite child. That would be wrong. I do, however, have a least favorite.” Got an email from a producer there. I’m going to be on NPR’s “Tell Me More.” Tomorrow, I think. I hope they knew I was kidding…

Yeah folks, I’m going to be on NPR tomorrow. I know that many, if not most of you, would rather die than subject yourselves to listening to the liberal media force yet another public figure out of office…wait, back up, I’m not in office. But anyways, enjoy. I think. I don’t even know if it’s going to be on actually tomorrow morning. I’ll find it for you though when it airs. 
Moving on down the post, because I know you’re ENTHRALLED at this point:

 It might just be a recorded sound bite, but if I do get a chance to explain myself i’m going to say, “but we treat them ALL like they are our least favorite”

Moving on, This morning:

That boy? The one that just peed on a tree in front of the school? No idea who his mom is.

It was Peyton. Again.

Last week: 

Inappropriate thoughts are way better when cross-stitched onto a cute pillow. I’m just saying. 

I’m actually working on a pillow for Abby’s room that says, “it sure is nice being a gangsta” ( and by “working”  I mean “I can see it in my head”)

You know what else you miss by not being friends with me on Facebook (not like I want to be your friend, anyways, psha….she storms out angrily)? You miss seeing my daily banter with Melissa. She also posts instructions on how to properly place suppositories (am I the only one that thinks that suppositories should have been named analgesics? And that Asperger’s should have ANY OTHER NAME?) and doesn’t call me a whore. Not in our public stuff, anyways. Also, you’d be friends with my friends and would have just learned that a certian someone has already put up her freaking Christmas tree…the same one that I’m pretty sure didn’t get taken down until June. The Spirit of Christmas is strong with that one. 

I’m putting up bats for Halloween that I probably won’t take down until Easter. 

That is all. 

3 thoughts on “Are we FRIENDS?

  1. Please name one of those crazy bats, Heather.. in her honor. I'm glad we're friends all over the internet Lex Luthor. Too bad you're across the country and I now have to find a new sister wife. Jerk.

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