The Best Gift.

Listen to what Casey is singing. So So funny. Watch it. Don’t skip it.

Tyson sent the Titanic to Casey A LONG time ago. It’s been the most played with toy in our house. It came at a time (have I already told you this?) that Casey was having a ROUGH go of things. He was getting more and more aggressive and angry. And sad. He was having a bad time at school and would come home and take it out on me and his brothers. During this time, he developed a sweet fascination to the Titanic and watched videos of it sinking on YouTube over and over again. When this toy came in the mail, Casey just about died of excitement. The coolest part, is that when you put the titanic in water, it actually broke in half and sunk! (here’s a video of it I found on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SQa7Z_npMIg&feature=related)  Everyday Casey would jump off the bus and, instead of freaking out, he would disrobe as he walked into the house and went up the stairs. He’s get in the tub and play with that ship for HOURS some days. Being in the water calmed him, and him being calm helped everything else.  Sometimes you’d hear him yell from upstairs, “Rose, Rose, where are you?!”

The Titanic still goes everywhere with us. Everywhere. We had to make sure not to pack it in the truck as we were moving because we knew we were going to need it in the hotels and other places we would stay. It no longer breaks apart and sinks, the part that did that got too worn out and broke, so I had to superglue it all together.

Did you hear what song Casey was singing as the Titanic sunk? Yeah, “Nearer My God To Thee” ahahahaa.

Thanks Tyson. You’re not a whore.

You can visit Tyson’s blog at:  http://tysonjprice.blogspot.com/. Hopefully someday soon, you’ll be able to buy his music. He’s got the best voice. But he doesn’t use it enough. Under a bushel, Tyson. UNDER A FREAKING BUSHEL! (Is that even the right Biblical reference? My mind is foggy. I just took TWO whole licks of my xanax so I could get to sleep tonight. I have a stupid dentist appointment in the morning. )

Wow. I have a lot of Tyson posts. He’s my cousin. MY COUSIN.

8 thoughts on “The Best Gift.

  1. James just fills the tub up with lego boats – he doesn't know about the titanic yet…and, no matter what his preschool teachers thought, I personally have ruled out autism. Maybe ADD (but not the H). It makes me so sad to hear about any kid having a hard time with school (unhappiness!). I think that's why I ended up homeschooling – because school was such a painful experience.

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