free bed day.

I found this sucker on the side of the road (thank you Craigslist…so awesome…when people see stuff on the side of the road, they take a picture of it and immediately upload it to the free section. ). It was broken in a couple of pieces and rusty. Put it back together and spray painted it a pewter type color and BAM. A free(ish) bed. Not the mattress. The mattress is the ultra awesome one we brought from home as a “guest bed” (Lance snores…). Sorry about the crappy picture and the wrinkled bedding but my camera sucks and I hate making beds.

I did the same thing with a table I got free off of Craigslist (this time I had to go to someone’s house) but I hate how it turned out. The only good part ended up being the seats that I recovered in vinyl material, the rest looks crazy ugly. I’ll post pictures when I remedy that.

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