My apologies, jerk.

See this guy? He’s a punky mc Punk punk. But he was right. dammit. I didn’t post a picture of him in my extended family extravaganza (below) because I didn’t think I had a chin picture of him. I did. I had a whole set of pictures on the disk that Melanie sent me that I didn’t even know where there. It was like a freaking gift! More family photos to share! WOOOO!

so there it is. Tyson’s stupid picture.  Tyson is a scorpio who loves messes.  Loves dirt. And germs.  Hates HATES children. Hates them so much. It’s so sad. His last name is “Price” but he’s not really *A* Price. He’s some other kind.

 This is my sister in law, Katie. She’s Travis’ wife. She corrects all of your grahahammer mistakes in her head. Sometimes outloud. She can also tell you the birthdates of everyone she’s ever known. It’s freaky. She’s having a baby soon. She has normal sized babies.

Another for the contest with Hillary. Who, by the way, is too pretty to be ugly. Have some kids! Grow some chins! Then we’ll play. Oh, then. we. will. play.

He’s never been convicted of a crime.

I’m going to blow this up and sleep with it under my pillow at night. And I will hug it in the morning. If this picture were a plant and it was my plant it would GROW. Unlike any non-fictional plants I have.

I hope this built a little birdhouse in your soul. It did mine, it did mine.

(PS guess what I’m giving Granddad for Christmas this year? MAGNETS)

4 thoughts on “My apologies, jerk.

  1. I thought you were going to give Granddad cheese.Love the pictures of us. I have big eyeballs. That's one of my best features. I will put it on the next resume that I have to write…..Talents: Ugly faces with extremely big eyeballs.

  2. Birdhouse built. I love your blog- just found it today. Your writing is fantastic and I love your attitude and how REAL you keep it- but this post? This one made me laugh. Thanks 🙂

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