Meet the Prices.

I want you to meet my extended family. They are funny and they are great. And they are proof that beauty is on the inside?

(this is also for my cousin, Hillary, who thinks she will win. She won’t. http://itsprettymagical.blogspot.com/2011/06/its-because-i-think-ill-win.html)

 You already know me, but here’s something to remember me by. Ask me how long it took before I popped the heck out of that zit. Gross. I told you, I’m like a thirteen year old boy. Zits, tiny mustache, pitstains.

 Shelby’s so pretty. She’s my older sister. She’s a cancer survivor that also enjoys sharks, long walks on the beach and running stupid distances. Visit her blog and her shark blog. 

This is my cousin Adrienne.  You must read her blog.  MUST.

This is Katie. She just got married. I have a gift for her, but it would mean that I’d have to get her address and go to the post office. So, happy wedding, K!

Jade’s funny. I have an awesome picture of her planking as well. She’s Carson’s best friend.

This is my younger brother, Carson. He’s available for the marrying. And you should, too. Because he’s nice and good and all of those things.

This is Colton. He’s not for the marrying. Because he’s in high school. Funny one, that boy.

This is my youngest brother, Jamey, and his new wife, Addie. 
If Addie grew her hair really long, she’d look JUST like the girl on Tangled. 

This is my muther.

Shelby and my oldest sister, Melanie. Everytime I have a birthday and get a little bummed out about being old, all I have to do is think, “Melanie’s ten years older than me!” and I get happy again. Because I will never be as old as Melanie. Melanie takes pictures. The link to her photog blog is over there ————->

Poor Rosemary. Poor, poor Rosemary. No matter how hard she tried, she just couldn’t produce an actual second chin. You just don’t know what to be grateful in this world until you see someone go without… (this picture kind of reminds me of my dad, is that wrong?)

This is my oldest brother Travis, to whom Casey is running every time he gets angry and leaves. He’s also proof that having extra chins isn’t a product of weight. Travis doesn’t have weight.  He’s working on his PhD in education. I’ve heard that there’s a sizable $500 a year raise at Weber State for getting it. Don’t let the money change you, Trav.

Shelby’s husband, Jaymee is a doctor. A radiation oncologist, in fact. Which is good, because cancer is kind of a big deal in my family. He gets three pictures.

I have such a beautiful family and extended family.

4 thoughts on “Meet the Prices.

  1. Yeah, and what about me? We do have the same 4th great grandpa!! nerd.Also…..I pay .25 cents for every zit you let me pop…..that produces puss that is. You could by a soda!!Or a small island nation.Depending on your night routine.

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