Yay! It is a complaint blog!

First, no one makes you read this blog. Unless you’re my husband. Then your wife does. So, just know that going in.

I’m stresssssedddd ouuuuttttt. The kind of stress that seeps through your skin right into the marrow of your bones. It weighs me down. Makes it hard to outrun The Darkness.

The Darkness.

Have you ever watched Fairly Odd Parents? It’s awesome. There’s a whole episode about The Darkness. But it’s not the same thing as mine. I just thought I’d bring up FOP because it’s awesome. And Casey hates that show so I never get to watch it.

I can’t wait for school to start again.

Back to the darkness. I thought I was handling the move okay. I was sad to leave my friends, but I really thought that I had trained my insides to feel much less than this. I think it’s the stress. Or the fact that I haven’t slept (if you were my mother and saying those things to me when I was fifteen I would have freaked out). But I’m EMOTIONAL. Stupid Clint sent me a stupid  picture of his stupid family and I cried. I CRIED OVER STUPID CLINT! What’s happened to me? Maybe because it was the night before Heather J. sent me pictures of her family.

Why are you making me feel things? I don’t have the energy to cry. You guys are jerks.

I miss Port Orchard. I miss my babysitter right next door. I miss my DVR. Probably the most.

We may have found a house. It’s perfect for us. It’s not huge or fancy, but other than huge, we’re neither of those things.  We’ll find out for sure tomorrow. And then hopefully the kids can start school on Wednesday. Except for Casey. He may well have run off  for good by then.

In a week I’m posting the trip stuff. Make a paperchain, it’s going to be awesome and epic and some other third thing. 

3 thoughts on “Yay! It is a complaint blog!

  1. Since when do you require visual verification? That's the jerk pot calling the jerk kettle jerk. (That's a little of my adorable big nephew's lingo.) I wish I had a picture of my family to send you so you could have a good laugh. It's good that you have totally cherubic pictures of Abby to put on FB and cause tears on this coast (not to mention Marie posting the most amazing pictures of your family on her blog).ESCHEW THE DARKNESS!!!!!

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