My complaint blog?

Oh man. I’m a total downer. Things aren’t going well right now. I should make a new blog for my complaints, because I think I’m boring the hell out of you guys here. Don’t leave. I thrive on your attention. I’m codependant with my blog followers.

I probably shouldn’t post this while still full of road rage. What’s with this place and the complete lack of signage? Also, my GPS is out to get me. I’m sure of it. 

Yeah. We’re in D.C. Lance came out here two weeks ago and found us a place. A PERFECT place. But it fell through. Another family wanted it as well and the owners said that the first one to get the application in could have the place. The other family was local. The mail is slow. So we FINALLY get out here (after MUCH delay with our car…I’ll get to that) and find another FANTASTIC place. It was huge. It was beautiful. It was in THE BEST school district. Then the owners decided they didn’t want to move after all.

So we’re back to square one. The realtors that have been showing us homes have all told us that by this time of year they’re pretty much cleared out. We’re hoping to convince someone in Kingstowne to let us only lease for a year instead of their required two, but we don’t know. We’ll find out more tomorrow on that. The hotel we’re staying at is super nice, and it would be great if we didn’t have to find a school for our kids.

School starts on Tuesday. We had to run out and get Carter and Peyton complete physicals. They require that here. I was sure Casey had had a physical because he’d been in and out of the doctor’s office all year with his medicine and whatnot, but I guess not. The next available date for one? THREE WEEKS. We were lucky that they had a cancellation and could get the other two boys in on Friday.  Gughghghggg. Peyton got shots in both arms. He said later that the bandaids on his arms made him a better swimmer.

 Speaking of stereotypes, do you know who LOVES fried chicken? EVERYONE.

Fried chicken makes me proud to be an American.

The car. The blasted car. So I took down the post where I ranted about the worst dealership ever (Heartland Toyota in Bremerton, Washington) because I was hoping they’d do the right thing. They didn’t. I can’t even begin to tell you how horrible their service department is. Long story short, we’ve replaced the front bearings TWICE (we had to once we got to Utah, just days after they installed them) and THE WHOLE TIME it was the back bearing. It’s still bad. It’s getting worse all of the time. Every time I drive my car I die a little inside. I don’t know how much more of that my insides can take. They’re pretty cold, dark and dead as it is.  I’m working on an eqloquent letter to the head of Toyota, and to whoever else I can get to read it (I’m crossing my fingers they’ll buy me a carrrrrr….we deserve it after the crap that they’ve put us through, or that maybe Ellen Degeneres will see this and buy me one because she’s like that).

So. No car(ish) and no home (ish). D.C. isn’t turning out how I thought. Not yet. It will. I’m going to freaking tear this place a part. Or my kids. Probably my kids.  I did see an albino dude today, which is something, right? He had an awesome white beard. Very cool.

6 thoughts on “My complaint blog?

  1. I'm so sorry for all of the stress you're having!Can you opt out of the physicals? When we went to San Diego in the middle of Sarah's 1st grade year, I was able to opt out of the physical for "personal or religious reasons".

  2. If you want a really small old house in a GREAT school district, where you don't need complete physicals…but school did already start a week ago, then maybe you should rethink this whole Virginia nonsense?

  3. All good ideas that I will put into action soon. I did not think of the physical exemption thing-Courtney! Brilliant! The kid is healthy, he's been to the freaking doctor's five million times (not for illnesses, for checkups because of his medicines). I have to sign an exemption because he's not fully vaccinated (he had a horrific reaction to them). I use parenthesis a lot.

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