So much to say- no time or computer to say it

I thought I’d catch you up on what was going on. We’ve finally made it to the D.C. area and are zealously looking for a home. We found one that is huge and beautiful and everything nice, but it’s still a little out of our price range if we also want to have furniture. We’re looking today at others in a really cool area called Kingstowne. They have their own stores, pools, etc (that sounds racist) . It’s a little bit further from DC, so we’ll see.

I can’t wait to bore you to death with slides from our adventures on our way here. It’ll happen as soon as I can use my own computer (which I may or may not have hugged every time we opened the trailer).  For now though, hop on over to Marie Photographie and see our AWESOME family pictures! They turned out so so nice!

Here’s a little taste: 


4 thoughts on “So much to say- no time or computer to say it

  1. Those photos are gorgeous! You are beautiful people. I don't know if I'll be satisfied w/ a simple blog post about your cross-country road trip–I expect a full-on movie.

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