One of my favorite people:

I bet you saw the title of this post and was super hoping that it was you. Unless you’re a dude (just lost I think all of you, correct me if I’m wrong…Joe?…) who is also a celebrity, it’s not you.  But don’t worry, it’s coming. I promise. You’re one of my favorites.

Anyways. This dude:

(I’m not sure where this photo originates from. I found it on another blog)

His name is John C. McGinley. He played Dr. Cox on one of my all time favorite shows: Scrubs. I ADORED him on that show. He was my favorite. I wanted to be more like him. Snarky and fast talking. But also mean. Very mean.  But then I learned more about the actor himself.

[photo from jollypeople.com]

Turns out, he’s got a child with Down syndrome, too. (Short rant interruption: One of the first people think of when you hear “celebrity with a child with Down syndrome is Sarah Palin. Yes. She does have a son with Down syndrome. But what saddens me about her is that she has such a huge platform, she could do some REAL good talking about Down syndrome, raising awareness and money for related causes, etc…but she hasn’t done so much as a buddy walk! Come on, Palin. Please, someone correct me. Find me something she’s done. Last I checked, she endorsed a candidate for office that did stuff for children with special needs. Rant over). He is the spokesman for the National Down Syndrome Society and works with the “Spread the Word to End the Word” campaign. He works hard for the cause. And it gives me goosebumps. I’m grateful that there are people out there that use their celebrity for such good.

He wrote a fantastic article for the Huffington Post last year about the r-word. The link is below- careful, it contains strong language- but it very much proves the point. Read it. See what I’m saying about the word “retard” written much better than I ever could.


Check out the bracelet he has on in the first picture. The blue and yellow one. It’s a Down syndrome Awareness bracelet. He wore it in a lot of the episodes of Scrubs. Cool, eh?

Anyways. I want to meet him. Someone work that out for me, okay? Thanks.

2 thoughts on “One of my favorite people:

  1. Why did his character hate Hugh Jackman so much?!I love his campaign and have spoken of it before. As the grandmother of a child on the autism spectrum, who might be called the "r" word, I will fight against it to the best of my ability.

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