But then sometimes I love it.

A confession. I don’t hate it all of the time.

Like when my boys all sit on the same bench because they want to. In the mornings when it’s cold in the house they’ll share a blanket on the couch. It’s totally cute.

Peyton’s about to karate chop Carter.

Or when Casey freaks out and decides that he needs to hold Abby for a while. She calms him, too.

It’s really not all bad or hard or angry. I just wanted other mom’s not to think that they had to be on antidepressants because they carry so much guilt for not loving being a mom. We just need to let it go.

And use the antidepressants for PMS and Post Partum Depression.

Or just the regular kind.

3 thoughts on “But then sometimes I love it.

  1. Your kids are sweet. I just caught up on your blog. I agree. I LOVE my kids – I don't always love the monotony of it all though! You're a good mom!

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