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Shameless brag.

Hey. So. I haven’t been getting out much. Mostly because it gives me massive amounts of anxiety to leave Abby because, apparantly, I suck at being sane.

So I do what the crazies do- repetitive behaviors. Mine? Beading! Look what I made: 

I got the idea for these from Oprah. For reals, yo (I just outed myself. I used to watch that show religiously. Except for the stuff about black people having hard to do hair. I’m not black. Not even a little. Though, if I told you I were, you would have believed me. Right?). She wore something like this on one of her shows and I liked that it mixed wood with some sparkly. So I went to her site and saw that there was a sale on it or something for just $20! Then I saw that it was PER bracelet. Sorry. Much to cheap. So I made some and am no selling them on etsy. Mostly so I can tell my husband that’s what I’m doing. I really like just being able to sit in front of the TV and feel like I’m doing something productive.
just keep beading. Just keep beading beading beading. what do we do? we beeeead beeead bead. Oh ho ho ho I looove to BEEEAD! (dori, jerks)

 I stole this idea from Utah. Utah is a great place to steal ideas.  I’m awesome at stealing craft ideas. In fact, I’ve just started another blog about that whole subject. One day I’ll actually get it off of the ground and post a link. But not today. I just saw my cuticles in the picture below. Gross. (I say that like I actually care. I don’t.)

Okay. These are fun. But while I was out in Utah I saw all of these interchangeable charm pendant things. (Called “cluster charms” I believe) They’re super cute. So I stole that idea, too. Then added to it. I liked them, but thought that it would be cool if you could switch out colors and whatnot. So I made a bunch that you can change not only the entire pendant, but also the colors or whatever within the pendant itself.  That way, you can have it be as full as you’d like it to be. You can add black or clear to any of them, or mix up colors to match your outfit (if you’re into that sort of thing. I have yet to find something that works with sweats…but I’m working on it). 


     + =

+ =


And I’d show you how cute all of the colors mixed together are, but my camera batter died (along with some of my will to go on…). So later. Maybe. But probably not. 
Anyways, I’ll do a tutorial on how to make them soon. Then you’ll see that they’re beyond your desire to do, but you still want to have them so you’ll just buy them from my etsy store. Which there’s a link to right up there . Up. There. To your right. See it? yesss. More stuff coming soon (like interchangeable earrings for people like me who have crazy sensitive ears and are entirely too cheap to buy several pairs of expensive full on silver ones). They’re made, I just have to find the courage to go to our Walmart, which is the worst Walmart in the world (I’m pretty sure if Satan would curate a museum, it’d probably end up looking a lot like the way our Walmart does right now), to buy a damn camera battery.

6 thoughts on “Shameless brag.

  1. Ahhh, Waldemart. The store that must not be named. A little nerd humor for ya.Those are really, super cool! All that stuff. I'm really impressed that you a) left your house to buy the stuff, b) made up your mind once you got to the crafty place on what beads to buy, as well as what hardware you'd need, and c) fully completed not one, not two, but multiple projects. That's an average of at least 2 steps ahead of anything I've ever decided I want to do. Way to go!

  2. LOL mamamel, Waldemart. I'm putting that one into circulation here in Utah County.Lexie, your stuff is amazing, I love your writing style, and now I love your jewelry too.

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