Another Post About my Awesome Brother

 I just left my brother’s house and I have to admit, anything that I wrote about him before just did not do him justice.  He is so so awesome.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my other siblings, but really, compared to Travis they are only just OK.  The whole time we were at his house he did everything he could to make sure that everyone was comfortable and having fun.  He spent about 2 hours blowing up an air mattress so my boys could sleep on it.  He spent twice that long building the most amazing lego rocket car for Casey, just to have him throw it against the wall.  I could go on and on and on about the great things he did.  He is smart and funny and cool and handsome and witty and thoughtful and kind and honest and chill and clever and happy and talented and muscly and brave and foxy and chaste and benevolent and very handy with a number of power tools and neat.  I should say more but I know in a million years I would never be able to accurately describe his awesomeness.  I stand in awe of the wonderful man he is.

5 thoughts on “Another Post About my Awesome Brother

  1. ahhhh Trav, you should have kept the one about me having bladder incontinence. But way to go with sticking with the theme of my blog as of late.

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