So picked on.

I like the quote,

I feel like I’ve been crapped on! Okay, just kidding. I don’t. I just find a lot of humor in the fact that I am, once again, on crutches. I hate crutches! Who designed these freaking things to not have a little basket on them (for my child) or at least a freaking cupholder? I am getting much better at holding things with my teeth.

If I could have picked the absolute WORST time to have to be on crutches, it would definitely be (late August right before we move to freaking D.C.) NOW. I have SO much to do for Abby’s birthday party. I have people (person?) staying with me that I’ve never met, who’s never met the monkeys and has no freaking IDEA what he’s getting himself into. Which means I should probably have a clean house, yes? Also, the Lowe’s guys are coming tomorrow to measure the upstairs for new carpeting (Lance finally came to the conclusion that having a large paint stain in every single room upstairs on our already disgusting 12 year old BEIGE carpet probably wouldn’t be the best feature for prospective renters…he came to that conclusion all. by. himself. He did.) and will have to wade through clothing, children, toys etc. It’s not going to be horrific at all. Not for me. I’m used to it. (Are Lowe’s guys legally obligated to report to DCFS?) .  I also have to get all of the freaking stuff for Abbo’s party, which was going to be the fun part- because it’s Memorial Day and that means (we remember our loved ones who served this country and kept us free and safe?) SALES! And here I sit, not able to go to any of them.

It’s just a sprain. Maybe. That’s what they told me the last time I hurt my foot. Two weeks later an MRI showed the break. I’ll be getting an MRI TOMORROW because I refuse to wait that long. Plus, it REALLY REALLY FREAKING hurts. Worse than it did the first day. Did I tell you about that? No. I didn’t. It was something.

I hurt my foot five minutes into hockey on Saturday morning. You should know, I LOVE hockey. Nothing. NOTHING has been able to get me up at out of the house by 8 am on a Saturday morning EVER. I even went when it was Abby’s naptime. I’ve paid babysitters to watch Abby when she was too sick to take out. Hockey is AWESOME. I love it with my full heart.

I get home and call Heather J. Her husband is the chiropractor mentioned below. But he was in Silverdale and the people in his Port Orchard office were gone. So I had her take me to the urgent care. I get to the check in after forcing Heather to HOLD ME. She hates that. I bounce in and the lady asks what’s wrong. So I tell her I have a really terrible headache. She didn’t laugh. Ug. She got me a wheel chair which Heather decided could only go REALLY FAST or not at all. She got in trouble by the nurse. We get in and the nurse is looking at my foot and Heather leans over and says,

She’s a good friend, that one. I’m pretty sure I’ve never laughed so hard in my entire life. The nurse had ZERO sense of humor, too. Which made it all the more funny to me. I wish I had recorded everything she said. It was blog worthy. Damn my brain.

Then we went to the temple because Sarah Awesome took out her endowments. HOORAY! The temple on crutches in a new experience and one I think everyone should have. Not awesome getting caught up in curtain and almost taking down an old man who was only trying to help. Not awesome at all. But it was a super nice session. I’ve never been to the temple with just girl friends, so it was a new experience. A good one. I love going there.

After we went to eat and E snapped this awesome picture of my legs:

Please, please, remember me this way. I never look good in a picture when I’m next to Janna. This one is the only one.

So anyways, we’ve moved the party from my house to the HOOVER BUILDING. Saturday. This Saturday. Which means I’ve got to sucker someone into taking down all of the lights I put up in my back yard so I can sucker someone else to hang them at the church. I hate being GIMPY! But it means that I get to lay on my couch holding Abby. And really, there’s no better way to spend this week.

6 thoughts on “So picked on.

  1. Yay! I'm the first one in the comments! Sucks to be you, but not really, because you get to hold your baby, and tell other people what to do. :o) Wish I could be there! I would totally let you command me taking down/putting up lights.

  2. So that makes this week a hundred times better than a year ago when you were feeling totally miserable and could only hold your baby on the inside.

  3. Cute shoes and with some hesitation from fear of sounding strange….nice legs, or should I say leg, because the other is covered up by a really cute sock.

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