Abby’s Birthday Fundraiser

Here’s the thing about having a child with Down syndrome-it forces you to know more. Sometimes there’s things I don’t want to know about. I hate knowing that there are kids out there, kids with the same wonderful spirit as Abby, who are suffering. And there are a lot of them. It hurts my heart. It makes me feel helpless. I know in our situation, we probably will never be able to adopt a baby with Down syndrome. But there are people who do. These people are the REAL heroes. But it’s expensive. This wonderful organization called Reece’s Rainbow has set up a way for families to get donations to go towards the HUGE cost of bringing a child home from an orphanage overseas. It’s set up so that if you have $5, you can donate $5. If you have more, you can donate more. You can do something.

So we are.

I had previously said that for Abby’s party we’d love to have donations go towards the Down Syndrome Society of America. They really are a great organization. We’ll do Buddy Walks for them in the future, I’m sure. But for this birthday I want it to be super special. There’s no better way I could think of spending Abby’s birthday than raising money so another wonderful family can have this same kind of blessing in their home. And there’s a family in Lake Stevens, Washington, who wants to do just that. Here’s their news story:


I know how wonderful it feels to hold a baby with Down syndrome. I know the joy they bring into your home. We are SO lucky. This wonderful family is working their tails off to be so lucky. They already have seven kids and felt like they had room in their hearts for one more. What lucky children they have! Not only to have such loving parents, but also that their parents are bringing home a sibling who will teach them so much.

The family is preparing to leave soon to travel to meet their boy. If you’d like to help them with the immediate need of paying for this travel you can make a check out to Grace Silva. They have a special account for their adoption costs, which this money will go into. This is where we’ll send all the cash we receive that night as well. If you’re looking for a tax deductible donation, you can write a check out to Reese’s rainbow (the funds here have to be deposited by the organization, which takes a lot longer, which is why they have them set up a special account for immediate needs) or to donate online visit:


I’m really excited about this. It’s given Abby’s celebration a whole new meaning. Please come!

One thought on “Abby’s Birthday Fundraiser

  1. This is awesome, Lexi! What a great idea! I remember when I first read about Reece's Rainbow, I didn't really get it. It almost doesn't seem real that there are actually kids in today's world who are ditched by their parents and stuck in an orphanage, simply because they have Down syndrome. The care they get in those orphanages is terrible because of lack of funding, and then the poor kids are transferred to institutions when they're 4 and age out of the orphanage. That's no way for a kid to live! Reece's Rainbow is an awesome organization that's helped so many kids find homes where they'll be loved and given another chance at life with a family. OK, I'm done. I just think it's so great that you're using your magnificent power (haha) to help this boy and this family! How beautiful!

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