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Winner Winner!

So- Person of the Week goes to: Addie! 

Have I told you about Addie? BOY OH BOY! This girl is AWESOME. I mean look at her! Does she not remind you of some beautiful Disney character? I fully expect her to have birds do her hair for when she gets married- to my BROTHER, Jamey.  (That’s him there doing his best Billy Mays impression. )

So, why is she person of the week? For agreeing to spend eternity with my brother? Nope.  Because that doesn’t have much to do with me. And I’m REALLY working on being narcissistic. Her blog was the #1 referring site to my blog this week. So I’m making her a prize! Something delightful. So delightful it will hurt a little.

I’ll post pictures when I’m done.

I think I might do more of this. Maybe. I don’t really follow through. But if your site happens to refer a bunch of people to mine- there might be something in it for you. Or not.  Maybe just that warm feeling that you’re my favorite. Or maybe I’ll just return the favor. Want to learn more about this sweet thing that’s willingly (I’m pretty sure) marrying into the Price craziness? Here’s her blog:

One thought on “Winner Winner!

  1. Yay for winning! Best day ever. ha now I understand the shock factor you spoke of on my blog. I didn't even know I had enough people reading mine to send to yours, but glad it worked out for the both of us.

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