Casey didn’t go to the padded room all week at school, so his reward was a family bowling trip. (I wish I had made that sentence up). I beat everyone. That’s not why I had to post the pictures or anything, I just thought it should be mentioned. I beat everyone. Even broke 100. I’m so awesome at bowling.

The entertainment. 

 I miss the days when people would throw their fists in the air and jump at the same time. Do you remember that? I’m going to bring it back. I brought back high fives, I can bring back fist jumps.

 Abby kicking it. Literally. She likes to kick her little toys and when she’s bored of that (because we won’t let her out of her chair at the bowling ally, not just because of the germs, but also because that outfit was WAY to classy for such a place. Thanks again, Heather S.) she kicks up both of her feet on it and relaxes. Is she not the cutest thing ever? I know, right? Etc.

….and Carter. MiniLance. This boy is all Magnusson. And he’s a lady killer. Hopefully not literally, because I’d be  so mad if he dug up my backyard.

6 thoughts on “Bowling.

  1. If you broke 100 you would have beaten me because I am SUPER AWESOME at bowling. I used to care that I stunk. Now I don't. Phil even put the bumpers up for me for one turn last time we went as a joke. It was my only strike of the night!

  2. You are, without a doubt, the silliest girl I know. I wish we lived closer … in a non-creepy, I-don't-really-know-you-but-like-you, sort of way. =)

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