I'm so funny?

It’s the little things, really.

Don’t act like you didn’t think this day would come. We all knew it would. I’ve dabbled in the past in this, but now…well.

I’m using my crafting for evil. 

Sure, I’ve made some vinyl ninjas that I’ve placed in weird places in people’s homes and all over Seattle, and yes, there was the vinyl “Honk if you’ve got jungle fever” sign I stuck on the back of my single white female friend’s car. Or how I’ve used vinyl to mark my territory.  But those were kind of no brainers. And not so much crafty as cut vinyl, stick it.  Tonight’s idea. Well, I like it the most.

It’s simple. It’s little, but it makes me giggle. I got an order to do a beaded lanyard for someone. When I was making it I had to look at Lance’s work lanyard to make sure it would work. Then I decided to make Lance one. And then I decided to hide his old one so he can’t use it tomorrow. He has to have his badge on at all times. 
He’s going to look SO pretty!

12 thoughts on “It’s the little things, really.

  1. Also, I wanted to let you know I love that you refered to me as your Single White Female friend. I feel like I need to place an ad of some sort.

  2. Lexi it's Kayla (Burton) Rypien from jr high/high school. I am totally a blog stalker of yours and love reading about your life. I melted at the pictures of Abby in the hospital. She is nothing short of devastatingly cute.

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