But in all honesty…

Cute drawers, eh? Look at my nice shelf? I’ve done many great things. You probably (unless you’ve broken into my house in the last couple of weeks, and there are several of you that have) think that I’m totally one of those put together people who is shiny and sparkly with hair that is done and never wears sweats? If so, you must be new here. (and there are a bunch of you who are new, welcome! I like you) I only wear sweats. My hair is never down because I can’t stand it touching my neck. Why don’t I get it cut? Because I can only afford to get it cut by the only person I know who does a great job once a year. Because I’m cheap. But I digress. I’m not. I’m the least put together person I know. So, after all of this cuteness I created, want to see what I didn’t do? Clean. Anything. My children, my house, myself. Nothing.

Sadly, these are the LEAST embarrassing of my photos.

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