Conference Crafts

I love General Conference . So much. There’s something so soothing about the voices of the speakers. I go right to sleep. They could start every single talk out with , “Dear Lexi P. Magnusson” and I’d still fall asleep. (on a side note, I really do think they should have just started several talks out that way…they were JUST for me…yeah, I’m that self centered). So anyways, I need something for my hands to do. So I craft. I build stuff. Saturday’s adventures are not yet completed, but I’ll show you what I did during the sessions on Sunday:

I made this with my Silhouette (I’m sucking up to them because I want to design things to cut for their store) and Bazzill Basics Paper. The middles are done with brads by Reminiscence- you can get them at Michaels. I simply cut the flowers, inked the edges, layered them, stuck the brad through and then hot glued them to a foam ball. In the spaces between the flowers on the ball, I glued scraps of paper. If I was thinking ahead, I probably would have just painted the ball the same color as the flowers, but I don’t think ahead. Not ever.  I got the container thingee from the dollar store. I put some foam circles in there (also from the dollar store). I wrapped a dowel in floral tape (dollar store) and stuck it in the bottom of the ball. Hot glued it so it stayed in place. I jabbed the dowel into the foam circles, and then hot glued. Which was a mistake. Those floral foam circle things aren’t meant to be hot glued. It’s a gross mess. So I shoved a roll of tulle in there and all around to hold it up. Voila.

Another fun secret? I didn’t put any flowers on the back of it. You don’t see it, so I’m not going to bother.

I had already made this “A” for Abby’s room (before my husband pointed out to me that maybe scarlet wasn’t the best color choice for this letter) using a big cardboard A from Joann’s. I made the texture by crumpling up tissue paper then Mod Podging it on to the letter. After it dried, I painted it all. I added another layer of mod podge to seal it in. I had originally put a big ugly daisy on it. Then I hid it because I didn’t like it. This time I cut the same flower shape out as the topiary , inked the edges and glued it on. Much better.

I’m working on a revamp for an “M” for my room but didn’t have any dark brown paint. So I’m trying to make do, and it’s not going well. I’ll REVEAL that later. I bet you’re on pins and freaking needles.

The Girl Creative

13 thoughts on “Conference Crafts

  1. After an arguement, my sister once cross stitched a scarlet letter for me and taped it to my bedroom door. H. For hypocrite. I still have it somewhere…

  2. I can't believe that you got those done during conference! The only thing I accomplish is to print off worksheets for my kids so that they won't bug me for 1/2 an hour. And those flowers on the A? So cute!!!

  3. Hi I'm stopping from the Ultimate Blog Party 11. I was just browsing through and this line caught my eye.I call autism "The Great Friend Sifter" because it sifts out the Great Friends from the Less Than Great Friends. I'm grateful for the Great friends who are left. So true! I look forward to following your blog.Sandra

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