More crap I’ve made.


 Kay, so this blog really has an identity crisis. It really wants to be a craft blog, but it’s owner is too nuts to just do crafts. Sometimes it really wants to be a blog about the Mormon faith, but it realizes that it’s owner swears too much for that. Plus, her son is too too evil for it. Sometimes it’s a special needs blog, but we aren’t rich enough for people to see how fabulous having a child with special needs is.

(okay. So here comes a vent. I love Kelle Hampton’s blog. I do. I also think that the show Parenthood is okay. My problem with both of these (and this is in no way Kelle’s fault) is that MOST parents of special needs kids aren’t wealthy. They don’t live in big houses and can’t afford fancy cameras (that fancy camera part I threw in because I suck at taking pictures. I’m sure mine wouldn’t be so terrible, my camera isn’t bad at all, if I actually had some photography sense at all).  They don’t go and do fun things all of the time.  Parenthood does a good job telling the story of a child with Asperger’s. But for crying out loud they have their own behaviorist that comes to the home! Do you have any idea how much that costs? Give me a break. Give me a TV show with a child with autism, a batsh crazy mom who spends entirely too much time on other things who also has THREE other siblings. One of which is evil. SO EVIL.. and I’d totally watch it! And not just because stupid Oprah is about to end. I hate Oprah. Why do I watch that show so religiously then? Because I really don’t hate her. I just say I do because I want to fit in.)

So this blog is a mismash of all of the above.

Speaking of Evil Son. On Sunday he refused to take the Sacrament at church. No joke. I turned to Lance in complete exasperation and Lance smiled (the way he does, you know that half smile that shows his dimple and makes you a little bit weak in the knees after all of these years? You know the one…) and whispered, “he’s not worthy.” True. Then yesterday, Mary T. came to pick him up for school. I saw her coming up the road so I ran to get Peyton’s school bucket (yes, they use buckets. ) and I slipped on a transformer car and face planted on the ground. It HURT. There’s this funny thing that happens sometimes when I get hurt. I don’t get sad. I get MAD. I almost cried out of sheer anger. I get to my hands and knees and hear Peyton laughing his head off behind me. Like to the point of tears. I was SO MAD. So I yelled at him that I was really hurt…and he only laughed harder. I couldn’t kill him because I knew that Mary would be at the door any minute and I wouldn’t want her to have to testify against me in court. I like her too much. 

 This stupid wreath took four attempts. Now that it’s done I’m a little mad that it looks all lopsided in the picture. It’s not in real life, right?

These name blocks are my favorite. I got a special request on Etsy last week for some custom name blocks. The guy wanted to make some for his friend that he used to work with. Apparantly he used to steal all of her bananas. I’d hate him for that. So he wanted something with bananas on it and he also told me that he signed some of his letters with this yellow guy. (See the picture) so I made the bananas and the guy out of clay. I liked how this all turned out.  I’d apologize for the mess in these pictures, but I’m not that kind of girl.

I made these a while ago. I like that these are a little bit more three dimensional than the ones I’m used to doing.

3 thoughts on “More crap I’ve made.

  1. Lance's "worthy" comment made me laugh…like to the point of a severe coughing fit. First time I have laughed like that in weeks!! Thanks. Bananas and smiley dude rock, as does the cute yelow wreath. And I enjoy the mishmash of bloggy posts. It's life. It's you and it works. Seriously.

  2. ditto on the way that your blog works because it's *you*. And if I was crafty at ALL, I wouldn't be coveting those name blocks (love the "Addison"!!) so bad.

  3. I just re-read your paragraph about Peyton and the sacrament and slipping on the transformer to Aaron and he was rolling laughing. I especially loved your line about not killing him because Mary would be at your door any minute and you liked her too much to make her have to testify in court. That made my day. Thanks for putting a smile on my face on a day when I'm sick, hormonal and feeling like crap. (;

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