So so nerdy.

           You know what the biggest problem for a wackjob is? The fact that wackjobs usually have wackjobs for friends. Such is the case with me. We’ve been going back and forth pranking each other. Today. They got me. The worst part was that my house was a WRECK. They {broke} in and hung pictures of themselves all over my house. Which, if you think about it, is actually quite nice. I’ve lived in my house for 6 years and still have bare walls. FREE ART! Woooo. I’ve coveted the Holyoak picture for a while. I even had a place and vinyl prepared for it specifically. So when they brought it over this morning, it was more like a gift than anything else. 
The senior pictures of Clint though, I can’t even look at them. There just aren’t words. 
They hung them all over my house. Changed out the family pictures I had up in the entry way. Put a picture of Phil K. holding a severed head next to my bed. The Marmy clan in my bathroom. Awesome. 
I had to rehang the Holyoak one where it was intended, though. The vinyl was a nice touch, I thought.
 They’re not getting them back. I’ve used them to make a shrine. Which is another think I can now check off my “to do” list. Thanks, nerds.                                                                                    

8 thoughts on “So so nerdy.

  1. Oh, this is really, really good! That they came up with such an awesome, dorky prank, and that you made it your very own with the vinyl and stuff. I just wish there was a photo of the guy with the severed head….

  2. This was really fun, I couldn't resist. Erin is a genius. I hope you don't mind that I rolled around in your sheets for awhile. Creepy? Naaahhh… 😉 I love that you now have a shrine with me in it, I feel special even if I HAD to help arrange it.

  3. I love coming to your blog from time to time to see what you and your cute family is up to. It's good to see all or your fun pics from the last few months. Just wanted to say hi since we are best friends and all.

  4. I finally posted the picture of my front window on my blog and linked to this post. I don't know when I'm going to take down, "Lexi was here." It's become a piece of the home now. Very precious to us.

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