Uncle Logan

 I wrote this long blubbery thing about how awesome my brother in law is, but it was too much. It made me gag a little. So I’ll be short with this one.
image of logan magnusson with nephewYou know Logan the basketball player. You can find out ALL about his basketball career, see some amazing crazy faced shots or whatever by just googling him.  (But because I want random googler’s to come here to find out more about him I’m going to throw in some fun: ESPN, #12, Logan Magnusson, BYU, Co-captain, Joe Millionare look alike, Final Four (I also do this when I talk to Lance at work just to see if anyone is wiretapping us. I say things like “Al Quada, Bin Laden, JIHAD! Bomb!BOMB! BOMB! Lance HATES it))                  But it doesn’t show you what a cool uncle he is.  Truth be told, when we do get to see Logan, I don’t see a whole lot of him. It’s usually because all I see is blurry lines as he runs by chasing after one of my kids. This is Logan holding baby Carter RIGHT after winning the State basketball tournament when he was 16(ish?). He wasn’t holding Carter for the photo op. He was holding him because he wanted to. And he did that night, for a long time.
Logan Magnusson and nephews

He’s always been SO good with my boys. From the minute he sees them he is off and running. One (or more) of them is usually on his back or shoulders (he’s 6’6″, so there’s room). He’s on the trampoline with them. He builds forts. The night before his wedding he spent 3 hours building a GIGANTIC fort for his nephews and then played with them in it.  It was the coolest thing to me.

He doesn’t do it so we can say what a great uncle he is. He just is a great uncle. He’s good just because it’s in his genetic code. That’s not to say that he’s not the product of fantastic parents. He is. I just know it has something to do with genetics because Carter is that same way, and Lori and Lonnie aren’t Carter’s parents.

 This picture makes me laugh every time I see it. This was this summer after Logan came out for Abby’s blessing. Did you know that Logan has TWO nieces with Down syndrome?  His wife’s sister’s little girl also has designer genes.

And his wife. Man. I don’t know if anyone thought that anyone would be good enough for Logan. But boy did he find someone who’s better. She’s amazing. They’re beautiful, too. Their kids are going to be freaking works of art!
I love this picture. You have to look close. Natalie is playing a random card game with Casey. Logan is in the back cuddling on the couch with Carter.  (Casey and Leslie Moon are also in it, and it makes me want to write an entire blog post about how every time I see Leslie I want to bear hug her and tackle her to the ground and kiss her right on the face. I love that girl. I’d also do that to her husband, but it would make him uncomfortable.)
Anyways, now you know why I love Logan so much. And it has very little to do with his basketball career, but I could NOT be more excited for him. He deserves this.
Lance deserves to go next week, so if any of you have connections in the airline industry and want to get him a flight to New Orleans next week…

7 thoughts on “Uncle Logan

  1. Sorry, no airline connections, but I must say you made a good choice when you decided to stalk Lance, and you're extra lucky that he brought a wonderful extended family to the equation.

  2. I couldn't have said it better myself. He's going to be an incredible father. That's in his genes too. We got lucky when we nabbed those Magnusson boys. Sweet 16 couldn't happen to a better guy.

  3. Hi, Lexi. Thanks for the sweet comment you left on my blog. I appreciate your insights. You have a charming family and I hope to pop into your virtual life more often. Thanks again.

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