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I wanted to have some clear direction before I posted again, but I’m too spacy fore that. So you’re going to get another list of Random Magnusson Awesomeness (or RMA).
Like the look of my blog? I’ve been learning how to do blog design in HTML. I hate HTML at the moment, but sooner or later we’ll apologize and probably hug and cry and I’ll get back to spending stupid amounts of time tinkering with my blog because I think it’s fun. I can do it for yours, too. I’m hoping to write tutorials, but we’ll see.                                                                                             
poor sick little girl.

Abby is doing MUCH better. She no longer needs breathing treatments every four hours (she’s down to like three a day from six, which is soo soo nice. She’s happy and laughing and all of that good stuff again. While we were in the hospital she said “mama” twice. I have one of those times on video which I need to cut down and post on here. I watch it about seventeen times a day. She’s starting to sit up a little bit more on her own. She’ll sit in the “tripod” stance (legs spread apart and both hands down on the floor in between them) for 10-15 seconds at a time before she slowly, while still smiling, falls to the side.  She’s the sweetest girl.

You know what’s something I didn’t think about when Abby was born? How much OTHER PEOPLE would need HER. There have been several occasions where people have stopped by to get what Pam refers to as their “Abby fix”. There really is something about holding her that is calming and wonderful. She’s like holding Heaven. I’m a lucky girl.

So when Pam came she brought cupcakes. I need to stop half-kidding around on facebook about things that I love. Because people are good to me. I would have a picture right here of said cupcakes, or even one of them, but guess what? They didn’t last that long. They were the MOST delightful things I’ve ever eaten in my life. She needs to open a cupcake shop. But it’s good that she doesn’t have one yet. I’d weigh 900 pounds.

Speaking of pounds- I’m past the HALFWAY mark to my weight loss goal, which is huge for me, because I’m a BIG girl.  I’ve lost 23 pounds. This last week with the stress of Abby being sick and Lance being gone was awesome for the diet. Not so much for the nutrition. But I’m back on track with that. Minus the delicious, delicious cupcakes of glory.

What else? I’ve taken up floor hockey. Erin made me do it. It’s so awesome. What better way for me to get out my pent up rage than to bodycheck a mean Mormon Mom who also has much pent up rage. Why didn’t we think of this sooner? They play a couple of times a week.  I woke up this morning sore in the strangest places from playing yesterday rolled over and groaned, “I can’t wait for hockey tonight.”

Allright. That’s it. You heard everything I would have told my mom when I tried calling her today. So this might be one of those all too nauseating “look how awesome I am” posts, but stick it, I drew you a freaking picture!

4 thoughts on “RMA

  1. I want you to do it for my blog!! I was trying to figure it out last night but I don't have enough time or enough smarts to figure it out 🙂

  2. Tell me more of this 'floor hockey' I am intrigued. Congrats on the weight loss. I un/ fortunately am still on the upward trend, being 28 weeks pregnant with twins. Sigh. I ran into my YW president when Eva was 6 weeks old, ( I was still really struggling with the whole DS thing) and after holding her for a few minutes, she started to cry, and told me that she was perfect. That's awesome that she is sitting. It's so nice, the get a better view of the world, and they seem to really like it.

  3. The floor hockey stories are very intriguing. If I were fifteen years younger and/or fifty pounds lighter I think I would have to try it out.I adore that picture of Abby so calm and tiny in the hospital bed.

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