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Casey Plays Pretend

You’ve got to understand. Casey’s never really played pretend. He memorizes lines from shows, and then reenacts them, but never real spontaneous pretend play. He’s starting to now, and it’s SO awesome. 
 This morning Casey was packing up his backpack. He says it’s show and tell day, which they’ve never had before, so… anyways, he’s putting his Thomas the Tank Engine in his bag along with some chick train. As they’re going in there ‘they’re’ saying:
“Nooooooo….nooooooo….it’s too dark in here! HELLLLLLP! Wait…loook… there are books in here. I like books! Wait what’s that?! It’s a MONSTER!” {then blood curdling death screams}
Then I handed him his lunch.
“No. No. NO NO NO NO. Do NOT put me in there! CRAP!” 
 I love reaching milestones!                                                                                           

6 thoughts on “Casey Plays Pretend

  1. Awww…that sweet that Kiff thinks Casey is cute!That is awesome though. He is such a good kid and I love hearing about the things he is doing…mostly because it is usually awesome and hilarious (as he shoves his little brother into the trunk)!

  2. I hate it when I have a comment planned in my mind and then someone else said exactly the same thing. Now I've got nothing, but I am so happy for him and for you! Yay!

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