Oh Sweet Misty Kim.

            So for a year or so now I’ve had Misty’s amazing face in my sidebar along with some facts that I’ve come to learn about her. I’m sure it’s been a journey of self awareness for her as well. The time has come to retire that part of my sidebar (mostly because I can’t make her picture fit without it being too tiny or too distorted and HAS NOTHING TO DO with the fact that she’s lost more weight than I have in our little competition. None at all.  ). So I thought that I’d review for everyone here the things we’ve learned about Misty before I take them down:
  • She shaves down her fangs every six months
  • Misty Kim eats clams and oysters whole
  • Misty punched a bald eagle right in the face because it didn’t love America enough.
  • Misty is ALL about women’s rights. So much so that she pees standing up just out of principle.
  • Misty has the bite force that rivals great white sharks. She chews on rocks.
  • She was born black and frequented the same plastic surgeons as the late Michael Jackson
  • You know why Misty is SO nice and happy ALL OF THE TIME? So people won’t check her backyard for the bodies.
  • They say curiosity killed the cat. This is false. Misty Kim killed the cat. Every single one of them
  • We have nothing to fear but fear itself..oh and Misty Kim.
  • misty sheds her skin twice a year.
  • if a tree falls in the forrest, misty can hear it.
  • she can roundhouse kick you right in the head
  • she knows things about you

3 thoughts on “Oh Sweet Misty Kim.

  1. I thought with the title and the picture you picked this would be a post about how awesome I am. haha! nope! I'll be sad not to see new things about myself every so often! =)

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