Save the Date

So I haven’t posted in a couple of days. I’ve written posts. Two actually. And they were angry bitter little things (not unlike my third child), so I didn’t post them. As easy as it is for me to tell you that I suck at cleaning, I forget to shower and that I keep a pharmacy of medicine as my “support staff” I absolutely hate sharing when I’m having a rough time. I thought about it. I wrote it all out. Then I saved it. Maybe next time I’ll actually post it.
 So, instead of telling you the things that I’ve been sad about, I’m going to tell you my latest happiest thought: 
Abby’s first birthday party. 
 I’ve never really thrown a first birthday party for any of my kids.  We’ve always had the obligatory cake demolition with family, but nothing like what is spinning around in my head.  Abby’s first birthday is different. It’s a milestone. We’ve survived the first year of having two kids with special needs. Abby’s survived the first year. Literally. 15% of babies who are born with Down syndrome don’t make it through the first year.  I say “who are born” because MOST babies who are conceived with Down syndrome don’t make it to birth.  Like Abby’s twin. We aren’t sure that’s what happened to the other one, but the doctor said he’d bet money that the other one had Down syndrome or another chromosomal abnormality, too.  
Also, I want to throw some wicked bash so that everyone we love, and everyone who adores Abby the way we do can have one last hurrah before we up and move to D.C.  
So why am I telling you this three months in advance? Because I like to think about it. I like thinking about pink and navy blue decorations. About cupcakes with little doily things in them. About Christmas lights strung back and forth from my house to the trees in the back yard. I probably will start most of these projects and not finish them so that when the party finally comes it’ll be fifteen of my closest friends sitting in my family room because of the rain- BUT- just thinking about it makes me happy.  
Abby’s baby shower was huge. She got an entire wardrobe for every age. And that was on top of the absolutely adorable wardrobes she got from Heather S. and Kendra A.  We have a ton of baby toys (compliments of Jenn C.) . So, if you’re thinking about how much you love Abby and want to do something for her for her first birthday- just scroll up to the top right of my blog. You can donate to Seattle Children’s Hospital, the National Down Syndrome Society or the R-word campaign.     
Anyways, save the date: Saturday, June 4, 2011.                                                                                  

7 thoughts on “Save the Date

  1. i love that you're doing this. little girl birthday parties are supposed to be out of control crazy. at least i think they are. i wouldn't know, because i suck at that, and emory's lucky if she gets the dora invitations from wal mart instead of the transformers ones i already have.i'm a good mom.

  2. Sounds like fun! I'm sorry you've been having a rough time. I always retreat into myself and my home when I'm having a rough time. It's hard to share when I'm feeling alone and inadequate. Those may not be your reasons for not sharing but I do recognize that when we need/want help the most, it seems hardest to ask for it.

  3. I'm sure it will be the beat attended first birthday party ever! Let me know if you need anything! Next time just hit "publish" and maybe it will help you feel better!

  4. I assumed you would remove the paper doily after sprinkling the powdered sugar.Very wise of you to indicate a gift alternative. Otherwise you would have to rent a moving van just for Abby's gifts.

  5. Hey Lex, If you need any graphic design stuff, let me know.. I can do anything for you.. I know I'm far away, but things can easily be emailed!

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