still just a little worried about Peyton.

Yes. That’s a gun in one hand and a sword in the other.                                                                                                 

8 thoughts on “still just a little worried about Peyton.

  1. LOL… Pam, you crack me up! Lexi, unless the gun is pointed at someones head I wouldn't worry about it. (:Funny story that happened about a year ago: Jacob's primary teacher caught me in the hall after church one Sunday with a very concerned look on her face. She told me she was "disturbed" by a picture that he had doodled on his paper in class. I was very intrigued wondering what this picture could possibly be of, (preparing myself for the worst) She showed it to me and it was just a picture of an airplane blowing up around some buildings below (Maybe she was thinking Set. 11th?) Anyway, I did my best not to laugh. I don't think she was very impressed with me as a parent. (; The only thing I was thinking (which I didn't say aloud) was, "Wow if that disturbes you I think I know why Heavenly Father gave you girls."

  2. Andria, that gun IS pointed at someone's head that floating girl on the side.Peyton, He's my favorite. I also agree with Dedra. He is following the Prophet looking for creepy stalkers and anyone who will harm him.

  3. Lance and I taught the 4 year old class in our ward right after we got married. Best calling EVER. Those kids were out of control. They never raised their hands. Ever. So then one day we're giving a lesson on TITHING and a kid raised his hand. Stunned, Lance called on him and he says, "one time I had a prophet, and HE BIT ME!"Same kid drew his family running out of a volcano on fire.

  4. yeah… they gave the twins butterflies in primary… little did the teacher realize they were carnivorous butterflies who spent the rest of the day attacking everyone… but I live with 7 guys so my perspective is a little warped…

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