Abby · Down syndrome

More Abbo Pics.

Abby is super bendy. This is my favorite thing she does now to be able to see her very tall dad:

       Okay so these pictures are super cute, right? When I was done taking these pictures and about four hundred other ones (I really suck at taking pictures) I noticed that she wasn’t using her arm. It had been out of the socket the ENTIRE time. She didn’t fuss until I tried to move it. Happiest baby ever.                                                          

11 thoughts on “More Abbo Pics.

  1. What? Her arm was out of its socket? Honestly, I am the WRONG person to have a kid who's gonna fall apart. Do you know how many things I break around the house on a daily basis, just from clumsiness?She really is super cute, and I'm totally blown away that she's smiling with a dislocated arm. I'll stop crying about my pregnancy pains now….

  2. It's her elbow. There's some name for it. It happens to kids whether they have Ds or not. Every once in a while it just comes out and we just turn it over and bend it up and it pops back in. It doesn't seem to bother her unless you touch it and she's absolutely fine after. Just another joy of parenting.

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