Happy dVD!

 So this year we made Peyton sign his own damn Valentine’s Day cards (“damn” is always placed in front of “Valentine’s Day” in our house. Tradition is tradition. Now, Pam, give me the quote about evil traditions so I don’t have to look it up) He was ALL OVER IT. For about five seconds.  Check out the progression of his cards.

 a couple of cards later…

 several cards later 
 Yup, those are dudes fighting in the “M” or whatever that is up there.
                                                           and then he quit.                                                                                                                     

4 thoughts on “Happy dVD!

  1. Sad but true confession: I swear way too much (though completely limited to damn, dammit, and dammit to hell) but I can honestly say that I don't swear at or damn people.

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