Give me all your myrrh!

 So I was going to do some super cheesy post about a day in my life when I came upon this scene. You see, “dudes” have invaded our house. We have too many. Upwards of 200 thanks to our neighbors who sold all of theirs for a quarter a piece at their garage sale. Peyton spends MUCH time playing with the dudes…and, apparantly, my nativity set.

 aaaaaand….wait for it…..look who is baby Jesus:


10 thoughts on “Give me all your myrrh!

  1. That's awesome!!! Baby Yoda looks like he just got owned, and the dude with the green lightsaber is either using the Force on him, or he's the aggressor… Mary's totally oblivious to the fact that her baby's green and wrinkly, too. This is genius at work, and someone needs to work on a screenplay for a stop-motion animation featuring these characters and your kids' demented genius. It may be slightly sacreligious, though, and I don't know how you feel about that…. Call me. I know people who know people, and they may be able to hook you up.

  2. Ahhhhh! I just noticed I spelled "sacrilegious" wrong!!!!! I won't be able to sleep tonight! Look, I just spelled it right just now in this comment, so that proves I know how to spell it right. Does that count?You're right–I do need therapy. This insanity comes from a traumatic elementary-school spelling bee experience I had. One day I'll be able to share it with you, maybe….I need to be more like Mary and ponder things in my heart instead of screaming like a psycho, probably.

  3. $4 A PIECE! I know, because only fifty of our collection we got for a freaking quarter a piece. But they're sooooo worth it. We started buying them when carter was 3 and most have survived (except the transformer ones, those are crap). At least one kid in our house plays with them every single day.

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