Seattle Children’s Autism Center.

A day at the Autism Center. Kind of like this scene from Drop Dead Fred.

What a funny place. It was crazy to me to see how much Casey was like the other kids there. That place got WILD. There was also the statistically correct amount of boys and girls there, four boys and 1 girl.

All of the moms there looked a lot like me. Tired. The exhaustion in that room seemed almost palpable. Overweight -but not obese, because I imagine we all do our share of running after the children. The parents seemed just as autistic as the kids. We didn’t talk to each other. I couldn’t get anyone to look at me in the eye. I felt like flapping my hands a little, so I sat on them. The boys talked WAY TOO LOUDLY (way too LOUD? I hate adverbs). There were fun shrieks and no personal space at all. It was like Casey had found his group of imaginary friends.

There was another feeling in that room. You could really FEEL how much these moms loved their kids. THAT was almost palpable, too. Hard, fought for love.

It was a great day. Casey had an evaluation with a developmental psychiatrist to go over his medications and we’ve decided to try something new. Sounds like it will be super helpful for the AD/HD component without having him be on a stimulant. It also opened all of the doors to the center for us, so if we have a need to see someone else there, we won’t have to wait another eight months.

I liked spending time with just Casey. It’s rare. We took the ferry home. Casey got a slurpee from the Galley, I got a pint sized clam chowder that tasted like heaven. I don’t mind the drive now, either. Which is nice, because we’re going back on Thursday for Abby’s swallow study.

12 thoughts on “Seattle Children’s Autism Center.

  1. Drop Dead Fred is one of my FAVORITE movies ever. I love that you picked it to compare to the Autism center. Though I am not familar with autism I can completely envision everything you have described using Drop Dead Fred. Casey is lucky to have a fun Mom that buys slurpees and compares life to such wonderful movies. 🙂

  2. Ha! I was gonna post that link to your FB wall today, because I just HAD to go find it when you mentioned it earlier, and I figured you might not have time to go hunt it down. Duh–you don't need my help! You're all over everything!What's the name of the magic drug? I'm always interested in that sort of thing. I'm glad things went well today, and that you got to spend one-on-one time with your dude. And that you managed to not flap your hands! It was a successful day all around!–Melissa

  3. That picture of Casey is so great. I love it.I like it when you talk about autism because, like Sarah, I don't know a whole lot about it. I learned about it in school and even have a nephew with autism but no firsthand experience (he lives so far away). Kiff and I taught the Sunbeams together in AZ and there were FIVE children with autism in the junior primary alone. That was my first real exposure to it.I think you're a fantastic mother.

  4. I like spending time with any of my children one on one. I think it's great for them to experience siblings, but I wish I could raise them individually.

  5. I can't decide which one of your brothers that he looks like in this picture. I love it. He looks so old for his years…if that makes any sense…like he has seen more and is wiser than anybody knows. Glad today went well. He deserves a slurpee, so do you.

  6. I imagine that comment was from Clint. Ahole. I'm actually glad that I don't have to raise my kids individually, because then I wouldn't have anyone to throw the nasty diapers in the garbage.

  7. Hi Lexi,I'm totally blog stalking you because my friend blog stalked you and referred me. My son has Asperger's and she loved your take on life. I love it too. Also, my sister seems to have similar pain issues to what you experienced (are you freaked out yet, a total stranger knows the intimate details of your life). I didn't see a post that explained why or how your pain went away and I would love more info. Can you e-mail me, so that I can e-mail you? hhmurphy@gmail.comThanks,Holli MurphyPS I think my friend blog stalked you from Kristy Ashby's blog. If so, she can give you a character reference. We're in the same ward.

  8. I'm glad you had a day alone with Casey, too. I love that boy. I agree with Jill. That picture of him is great!Good luck with the swallow study…and the drive. And remember…keep track! =)

  9. Sounds like a good day for Casey and mom! It was probably very affirming to be in the same room with your peers, though you didn't speak, what you noticed I'm sure affirmed what you already knew….Autism is hard, wears you out, but man you love your kids! I want to go with you next time.

  10. I’m thinking of relocating from tn to Washington since its supposedly one I’d top ten places to live if ur child has autism . My son (he just recently turned two was just diagnosed and I’m at a OSS with what to do and where to start) if any one could provide me with info on Washington and if they offer a lot of help etc I’d sincerely appreciate it. I was planning on visiting Seattle sometime soon if its a good place for my son

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