…but it’s still a freaking heart

So I made this the other day. I made it as cute as can be, stood back and took a good look at it and realized “it’s still a freaking heart”

I hate hearts. I hate heart jewelry. I hate people who dot their “i’s” with hearts. I want to break their spirit in the worst way.

So Valentines is coming and I was looking for a way to get out of doing any sort of worthwhile tasks- like cleaning my sorry excuse for a house or paying attention to the kids. So I busted out my Bazzill paper, bought this dumb wreath at Michaels along with all of the berries- which were on sale for 80% off. Hot glued together, added some pearls from my beads and voila, a heart.


5 thoughts on “…but it’s still a freaking heart

  1. I *heart* you because you hate heart jewelry. I hate it too. Gag! Brad and I knew someone once who's engagement ring had a solitaire heart shaped diamond. It was hard to know what to say when they showed us the ring without totally dissing them.

  2. I hate hearts too. They are lame. However, I LOVE the colors of your wreath. They are beautiful. You are a paper flower making ninja. It's a really cool wreathe. nice job.

  3. You could always turn it upside down, add a shaft and feathers and make it Cupid's arrow. That might be even more lame, but it wouldn't be a heart.

  4. I just made a heart for my front door and thought it was so cute that I was going to post it on the family website. But now I guess I'll just go burry it in the backyard to save you the trouble of "breaking my spirit."

  5. I also hate hearts. Heart jewelry especially. I told this to my husband when we were dating so as to save him a future of embarrassment and hurt should I receive such a gift. It could have gotten ugly.

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