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Carter’s Baptism

Lets start by how mad I am that I didn’t have the “Dad and son in their funky baptism onsies” picture. Grrr. Now I don’t have proof that there really was a baptism.

Grandma Gail with Abby. (Hence the “Gail” in Abigail…see? We’re always thinking)

The baptism was great. Carter’s uncle Luke spoke and so did his grandfather. The Magnusson’s from Oregon came, Lance’s parents trekked all the way out and Luke ended up being able to come after dropping a truck off in Oregon. It meant SO much to me that they were all there.

Lance did a great job doing the job. It was amazing to watch my first son get baptized. Where has the time gone? Carter is such a great little kid. He was truly meant to be the oldest in our family. He’s just like Lance- and that’s SO nice. He’s very calm, very loving and always ALWAYS willing to help. He’s a natural leader and is friends with everyone at school. There are many days he’s gotten a couple of his buddies to help clean up the cafeteria during his lunch recess to help the cafeteria lady when she’s short handed. He’s just good to the marrow of his bones. He WANTS to be good. He’s also very sensitive and when something does go wrong, he feels terrible about it. I don’t think I have too much to worry about with that one. Except for maybe his dashing good looks.

Thank you to everyone who came or called. It made Carter feel SO special on his day!

4 thoughts on “Carter’s Baptism

  1. I'm sorry we didn't make it. We have a bad track record with baptisms. I know it was Carter's special day, but the Princess was looking especially regal.

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