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Random Stuff

My kids are awesome. Seriously. They are the awesomest. I knew being a mom would be kind of cool, but I really didn’t know it would be so funny. And good. But mostly funny.

  • Last night we went for a drive to see the Christmas lights. The Ridge was great. Did the HOA give out inflatables and deer there? Good for you guys. So then we go to the rich neighborhood- McCormick Woods. We had high hopes. It sucked. There was like one good house in the whole freaking place, and that place is HUGE. I was going on and on about how if you have enough money to have a home fourteen times the size of mine you should at least have 1/14th the lights (407). They can afford that! From the back Carter perks up, “well…maybe that’s WHY they have money. They save it.” what a jerk, right?
  • Casey was getting very bored while we looked at the lights. He was ready to go home. He loudly growls from the back “I need to get hoooomeeeee, the computer misses me.
  • Peyton, who never ever for one minute quits talking and thus has many funny things to say just because of sheer volume, “My breath smells like choice cuts!”
  • The other day Casey did something I could not have done. He got a cupcake at school and decided to save it. (see?) For Peyton. He cupped it in the palm of his hand and held it getting on the bus, the entire bus ride home (which is long because his bus drops off at every child”s””ss house) and getting off the bus. He didn’t take his backpack off for the ride, either. He didn’t even lick the frosting. He was so excited he RAN off the bus and gave it to Peyton. Then I cried because I do have soul. Mostly.

4 thoughts on “Random Stuff

  1. There is a little tiny house in O'Fallon that has the best Christmas lights. It is old and in a kind of run-down area, but it is a beautiful winter wonderland this time of year. We love it. My kids ask to drive by all the time and we say YAY as we pass it. You would love it. Maybe that is why they live in a teeny house. So they can afford the Christmas display every year. If so, money well spent.

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